The Best Ways To Workout That Won’t Make You Want To Kill Yourself

For some people, a workout can be the bane of their existence but we all know it’s important to stay active. Not only for health benefits but working out can help you be social as well.

In a generation where we joke way too much about killing ourselves, these are ways to workout that won’t seem so bad.

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It’s always better to workout with a goal in mind, giving you something to strive for and a light at the end of the sweaty tunnel. When you go on a hike, reaching the top of a mountain/trail gives you a sense of accomplishment and the road there doesn’t seem so bad because you’re working so hard to get there but you get there at your own pace.

The great thing about hikes is that usually the end comes with a view and a break, plus the downhill doesn’t seem so bad even though it actually takes more effort going down. You get a cool down while still flexing those muscles. And you can go on hikes alone, with a pet, or with other people making it a more flexible way to work out and stay active.


The lack of gravity is the key to this workout. When you’re done swimming a few laps around the pool at your gym or house you can just lay on your back and float there while you catch your breath cause *damn* swimming can be exhausting. Swimming is actually more cardio than running, which is the ultimate cardio.

If you’re not fond of doing laps, you can literally walk around your pool for the same distance you would on a treadmill and burn more calories doing so. Or play games! Throw pool toys at the bottom and swim to get them, creating a more task driven workout.

Spin Classes

This group exercise will keep you social and if you like being yelled at by someone aggressive, this is the workout for you. If you’re lazy and need some extra motivation, you’ll get it here. Basically spin class is like going to a club with music blasting and your friend hazing you into dancing until last call. Not the worst way to workout.

If this isn’t your scene, then maybe grab a bike and actually wheel around your neighborhood instead of inside a sweat lodge of a room. You’ll burn less calories but at least you choose the music here and can have a more solitary reflection time.

Kick Boxing

Why not workout AND get some anger out at the same time? It’s like anger management class but you get to hit people. Even if you’re not a naturally aggressive person it’s always good to release some of the anxiety everyone acquires during the work week.

Imagine your ex is the instructor’s hands and BOOM, you’ll never want to drunkenly text him again. Maybe you’ll even get the number of the sexy guy who always comes to your class. Win-win here, people.

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Get A Dog

The ultimate way to get off your fat a$$ is by getting a dog. Not only will this animal give you unconditional love which can help with stress levels, you have to take it out every day which gets you moving whether you like it or not. Responsibility, man; adult-ing, it’s a thing.

You can go on hikes with your buddy, go to the dog park, go for runs and the list just keeps going. Working out won’t seem like such a chore when you’ve got your four-legged pal alongside for the ride.

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