Hidden Value: 10 Better Liquids To Put In A Keg Than Ranch Dressing

Hidden Valley has introduced a special product for their devoted fans this holiday season – a year’s worth supply of ranch dressing preloaded into a 5-liter keg just for you.

Probably one of the strangest promotions out there, this holiday blessing might make half the population jump for joy and the other half dry heave for 10 minutes. If you’re the latter, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

There are probably hundreds of better liquids to put inside of keg besides ranch dressing. For now, here’s 10:


Thanks to expert marketing, just looking at a Corona makes you wish you were on the beach. So why not taste the beach this holiday season by putting this tasty liquid into the keg instead of ranch dressing.

Coors Light

For those looking to not put on any extra weight this holiday season, Coors Light is a great beer to put in your keg. Who needs more calories when they’ve got loads of turkey to eat?

Samuel Adams Octoberfest

This seasonal craft brew is a staple to Samuel Adams and is a fan favorite during the holiday season. Grab a few beer steins and load them up with some Octoberfest from your keg!


Seen as classy in America and just a regular ol’ beer overseas, Stella is a great brew for the holidays or any day.


Oh, the dark beer. This Irish dry stout might be heavy but the taste is what will keep you coming back for more. Pair it with desserts or anything really and you’ll be a happy camper.


A bit more affordable than craft brews, people see this beer as a step above Coors or Bud brands and has a smooth finish. This Dutch pale lager is a much better option than Hidden Valley’s dressing.

Blue Moon

This wheat ale is perfect for any occasion and tastes best with a slice of orange. Put this in your keg and everyone at your party should be happy, just gotta go out and buy some oranges first.

Michelob Ultra

Another pale lager that won’t help you put any extra pounds, Michelob Ultra is a great option for your keg. Any option is better than ranch dressing.

Dogfish Head

If you’re into craft brews and IPA’s, this brand is for you. Your party will be hoppin’ if you choose to fill your keg with this tasty beer.

Dos Equis

Another great beer mostly due to its brand marketing, you’ll feel like a million bucks after drinking Dos Equis out of your keg. Will you be the most interesting man in the world? No, but you can say that you are.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the only thing that should be put in a keg is beer. End of story. Sorry Hidden Valley, you get kudos for being creative but your creamy substance should stay in the dressing aisle at supermarkets, not in a keg.

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