Welcoming New Fans to the World of NASCAR

NASCAR is an amazing Motorsport.

With an estimated 75 million fans, NASCAR is one of the most popular Motorsports in the USA, but is loved by fans across the globe. It’s no wonder when it’s crammed full with action, emotion, aggressive driving and unpredictable outcomes. However, all of us had to start somewhere – we were rookies.

But what if you’re new to NASCAR? Maybe someone recommended it to you, you might have migrated across from other Motorsports, or perhaps it just tickled your fancy. No matter the reason for tuning in, it is exciting to experience the thrill of watching races and learning random facts. But, it can also be daunting. Follow CLICKON Motorsport as we take a look at what it’s like as a new NASCAR fan and what new fans can do to enhance the exhilaration of a sport which – let’s face it – is already breath-taking.

We all know that there are so many names that can be learned in NASCAR. There are up to forty drivers in the premier series alone, and that’s without considering the Xfinity and Truck Series drivers. Focusing on the top series though, it can be a bit overwhelming seeing so many cars on the track and watching all the names scroll by on-screen as drivers jostle for positions.

To combat this, new fans should start with the front-runners of each race, and notice who’s involved in on-track incidents. Because of how interchangeable and unpredictable NASCAR can be, there’ll always be plenty of variety as to who’s top dog in each race, and who’s involved in wrecks. As time goes by – the mentioning of other driver’s names and incidents – will ensure that new fans will be well-seasoned as to who’s who in no time.

If you’re reading this article as a new fan, you’ll probably have already figured out that there’s loads of literature out there about both current and historical events in NASCAR. Awesome! You’re doing well! Reading around is a great way to stay up to date with current events.

This can then mean that you can start joining in with NASCAR-based discussions, forums or groups with your newfound information or questions. Not only that, but listening to race commentaries can also provide a lot of helpful information. As the race progresses, the commentators – usually ex-NASCAR drivers themselves – will go into depth about things that can be difficult to grasp simply by reading things on the internet or not seeing it in action.

Speaking of NASCAR groups and forums, if new fans are creeping into obsession territory (as many of us do), joining NASCAR communities can really be informative and provide unique opportunities. We live in a day and age where people constantly update statuses and use various other social media platforms to gain a following and to link to fans.

NASCAR drivers are actually pretty good at maintaining an online presence, and this is really handy to be able to attach personalities to drivers and help new fans to make the crucial decision of who your favorites are…

Which brings us nicely onto the final point: pick a favorite driver! As the weeks go by, notice who your eyes are drawn to on the track and pay attention to whose personality you like off the track. If someone introduced you to NASCAR, it’s easy to inherit their favorite driver, or simply to pick the NASCAR fan favorite. It’s tempting to do that, but this is about who you want to see heading onto Victory Lane with smoking tires after an epic burnout.

If new fans pick a favorite, they can really expect to be plunged into a whole new mindset about NASCAR. You’ll start to feel the emotion. You’ll be elated when your driver does well, you’ll be disappointed if they wreck out or don’t do well, and you’ll be mad at any driver who dares to stand in your driver’s way. It might also be worth keeping an eye on other drivers that you like. This way, if your driver isn’t doing well or has wrecked – you’ll always have someone to watch and root for.

Of course, these things aren’t the be-all and end-all for becoming a knowledgeable and well-informed fan. However, they’re extremely helpful for helping new fans to progress past their rookie season and onto years of enthusiasm and anticipation for each race and the championship.

If you’ve come here as a new fan, welcome to NASCAR! Brace yourself though, because it’ll suck you in, chew you up, spit you out and leave you craving more every single week. It’s an addiction, it’s an obsession and it’s a passion that’s shared by likeminded individuals all over the world who all want the same thing: to see face-meltingly good races and to see their drivers win.

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