Roll Tide: 6 Houses You Could Buy With Nick Saban’s Salary

The NCAA might have tricked their athletes into playing for free, but D-1 coaches sure aren’t coaching for free. Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh is taking home $7 million in 2017, Clemson’s Dabo Sweeny will pocket $8.5 million this year, and Alabama’s Nick Saban tops ’em all with an $11 million haul this year.

What to do with all that money? Invest it? Pay taxes on it? Nah — let’s go house shopping.

Italian Castle

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“Italian castle” sounds like a made-up chess move but this is literally an Italian castle. With 360° views of the Tuscan countryside and an armory on the grounds, this historic villa is the perfect place to hole up for the zombie apocalypse. 17 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms can house a proper army, and the listing explicitly states that “a helicopter can easily land on the property.”

Dubai Fortress

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Why golf when you can Gulf? This 6 bed, 6 bath 18,000 sq ft. villa is the perfect base in the Middle East. Located in a gated community focused on “sustainability and living in harmony with nature,” this house has 3 staff rooms on the property including two outside the villa — the perfect place to hide if you get in a fight with one of your wives.

Massachusetts Water House

Image source/Sotheby’s

A house inside a pool inside a garden on the water? Yes please. Towering ceilings make this the perfect house for someone with big ideas. Enjoy an abundance of natural light while you fly your drone inside.

Swiss Villa

Image source/Sotheby’s


This 3 bedroom, 5 bathroom villa overlooking a pristine Swiss lake is a great place to hide from your problems. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Milan, you can pop into town every once in awhile as long as you don’t attract too much attention.

Vienna Penthouse

Image source/Sotheby’s

Located within walking distance of the Vienna Opera House, this two bedroom penthouse is the ideal place to soak up some culture — it’s literally inside a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Zone. At 2,670 sq ft., this cozy getaway is probably better as a third or fourth home than a primary residence

Silicon Valley Estate

Image source/Sotheby’s

This French and Italian inspired estate in the heart of Silicon Valley is the perfect place to kick back and relax. The 8 beds and 6 baths will be more than enough to accommodate your live-in horticulturalists, and the pool house has its own steam room — perfect for those crisp Bay Area days.

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