Get Shwifty: Why You Should Binge Watch Rick And Morty

Rick and Morty is basically an over the top cartoon version of Back To The Future where Doc is always drunk and Marty is just a pawn in his grandfather’s adventures. If you haven’t started watching the show, now is the time to start.

Let’s get real here. You’ve probably already finished Stranger Things and Stranger Things 2, the last season of Game of Thrones isn’t returning for MILLIONS OF YEARS (aka 2019), and how many times can you re-watch Family Guy (a lot). Plus, each episode of Rick and Morty is about 22 minutes long and thanks to the internet, we know that it would less than a day to binge the show. 15 hours and 30 minutes to be exact. That’s like, no time at all.

But seriously, the show has 3 seasons now and it has only gotten better with time. Rick lives with his daughter’s family who resents him for not being around during her childhood. Besides father abandonment issues, the show covers divorce, puberty, the struggles of high school, and basically every other relatable issue you can think of. All the while intermingling Rick and Morty’s absolutely ridiculous shenanigans in other dimensions.

And that’s the amazing thing about this show. It somehow stays relatable, like truly relatable, while bringing in the science/alien/space stuff that shouldn’t be relatable at all. It just doesn’t give a f*&k and that’s relatable in itself.

Somehow the show leaves you with a deeper meaning that enlightens your sou, when you thought you were just watching some f*cked up grandpa torture his stupid grandson for sh*ts and gigs in alternate universes.

It has all of the nonsense of Family Guy with the relate-ability of South Park to create a one of a kind series that will blow your mind. They even break the fifth wall sometimes and make jokes probably only the writers would understand.

Oh, can’t forget about the character called Mr. Poopybutthole. Yes. That is a real character. GO PEOPLE, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Wubalubadubdub!

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