The Nintendo Switch and Its Surprising Success

After releasing the Nintendo Switch in March, Nintendo once again proved that it can contend with the big boys in the console market.

In 2012, Nintendo released its worst selling console ever, the WII U. The console’s poor sales resulted from, at least in part, the weak line up of launch titles for the console. 2017 proved different with over 6.5 million Nintendo Switch consoles sold to date.

Two Big Games

The Nintendo Switch launched with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which ended up receiving incredibly high praise from critics and consumers alike. The new game beautifully translates the sense of adventure and excitement from the original Legend of Zelda into an enjoyably explored 3D open world. The newest Zelda looks to close out the year as the top selling game globally with nearly 4 million copies purchased.

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Nintendo also hit it big with Super Mario Odyssey. Nintendo only recently released the game on October 27th, and it already has fans raving. The game sold over 2 million copies globally, with over a million sold in the United States alone.

This made Super Mario Odyssey the fast selling Mario game of all time.  According to Nintendo the game received “43 perfect scores,” thus helping it tie for the “best-reviewed game on Metacritic for any system of the last three years.” Not surprisingly, it tied with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WIld.

With the success of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the newly released Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo found its way back to the top of the console leader boards. There the Nintendo Switch continues to battle against the Play Station 4 and the Xbox One.

Having done phenomenal work with two of its most well known series, Nintendo has fans expectantly waiting to see if the company can continue releasing such impressive games. Fans seem particularly excited for Metroid Prime 4, the next installment for Nintendo’s legendary space bounty hunter Samus Aran.

Other Games

Samus isn’t the only one with a game in her future. Both the Pokemon and Pikmin franchises expect to see new installments on the Nintendo Switch as well, giving Nintendo fans two more reasons to look excitedly towards the future.

There is even good news for individuals who don’t love Nintendo-made games. Sega fans can play Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces, the later of which allows players to create their own character in the Sonic universe. The system also features hit games like Skyrim, The Binding of Isaac, Shovel Knight, Minecraft, and Stardew Valley. 

Other Services

Outside of gaming, the Switch still lacks much to offer, only recently announcing support for Hulu streaming. The seemingly “gaming only” focus of the console seems odd considering that both the Wii and Wii U supported Youtube, Netfllix and other services. Nintendo disclosed that they really wanted the system to be built for the purpose of gaming and as such payed little attention to other services. However, they did note on the potential of adding services such as Amazon, Netflix and Youtube once again.

With so many options of great games, both released and still to come, and the inclusion of popular services in the future, it appears the Switch will continue to prove a strong product for Nintendo.


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