Long Distance Relationships: A Reason to Game


Wow! Who knew you could log on to a PC or console in California and play a game with your girlfriend in New Jersey? Gamers knew.

For years gamers have been using online, multiplayer games to make and keep in touch with friends from all around the world. Using online, multiplayer games allows long distance couples to share the same experiences at the same time.

Tons of gamers and non-gamers alike attempt to maintain long distance relationships, and not “oh he/she lives an hour or two away” long distance. The serious, “take a six hour plane ride” type of long distance, and to be perfectly frank, it’s incredibly difficult. Most long distance relationships don’t work out, and one main reason is loss of interest.

Relationships are based on shared feelings and experiences, but when you live across the country from your significant other, finding things to do together becomes quite the challenge. Without new shared experiences holding conversation can become tedious and eventually the relationship may go stagnant. How could long distance couples possibly hope to overcome the obstacle of distance in order to have some fun spending time together?

Steam offers a list of free to play, multiplayer games great for long distance couples to play together, but if you don’t have the time or energy to look through all of their games, here’s a list of 3 pretty solid entry level online multiplayer games you may enjoy playing with your significant other.



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  • Can be a lengthy game, not great for people with a tight schedule.
  • Requires some time and effort to be put into learning the game.
  • Can be boring if your partner is not competitive.


  • Does not require a powerful computer.
  • The game can be left and continued at a later point.
  • Is elegant and will make you sound sophisticated when you tell your friends that you and your partner play chess together – or snooty, but hey.


Snakes and Ladders

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  • Entirely chance based.
  • Can be very frustrating.
  • Variable length of play, can be either a very quick or very long game.


  • Very few rules.
  • Lighthearted and not aggressively competitive.
  • Does not require a powerful computer.




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  • The game is not private, so you will be playing with a lot of others as well.
  • Repetitive.
  • Your friends might call you a loser for playing Runescape again (But hey who cares! You’re dating somebody and they aren’t!).


  • Tons of missions, events, and activities to do with you significant other.
  • The game doesn’t require any length of play, you can stop whenever you want.
  • Encourages communication between partners as they try to take on foes, gather resources, and complete quests.

While some may enjoy playing these games with their romantic partners, you may not, but that’s alright! The internet is full of free games for you and your partner to play together – all you have to do is ask Google to do a bit of searching. Whatever you do though, NEVER play monopoly together, that’s just asking to break up.

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