The Strangest Thing About Stranger Things: The Most Talked About Characters On Twitter

What Stranger Things 2 has done brilliantly upon its release is keep everything the same from the first series; it’s kept the narrative, it’s kept the scenery, and it’s kept the same cast – the most important part to its success.

With such a successful cast, the audience buys into every character; they all tell their own story and represent something which is what makes each role so likeable and gripping.

From Mr. Clarke to Bob – *spoiler alert*, but a respected RIP to Stranger Things’ most lovable cast member is necessary – there are so many great roles which aren’t recognised as ‘lead’ roles, yet you still have an uncanny emotional attachment to them.

With Twitter’s recent extension to 280-character tweets, it means Stranger Things’ fans can sing their praises with even greater affection for their favourite cast members; cue Dustin’s fan club to go into a social media meltdown.

As Dustin’s fan base continues to grow as he delivers more exquisite one-liners and general brilliance in the second series, Dustin finds himself with a new sidekick in Steve, which has conversely become the most talked about duo over Twitter:

The pair working in tangent is the perfect combination of ‘young nerd’ and ‘older jock’ playing to each other’s strengths, as they compliment one another in the best way possible in episode six, The Spy.

Where there is no real surprise that the pair drove Twitter into a frenzy as they fight off ‘Dema-dogs’ together – Dustin’s brilliance, not ours – there is a surprising amount of mentions for the role vying for Steve’s girlfriend, Nancy, with Jonathan coming in as the fourth most spoken about character over Twitter in the last three weeks:

Jonathan’s quiet nature has unpredictably driven a huge amount of engagement over social media despite him being only able to talk to his mum, Joyce, brother, Will and Nancy.

Even though Eleven is in and out of the series, and does not feature as heavily as she does in the first part, Eleven is still by far and away the most talked about character of the series; if only we all had powers to change the numbers…

With Will’s best mates of Mike, Dutsin and Lucas taking a lot of plaudits for the success of the first series, it’s interesting to see the likes of Billy – peculiar bloke – and Steve trump all four of the boys as the most mentioned roles over Twitter.

Regardless of Hopper’s bravery, general goodwill towards Joyce’s family and saving Eleven, the Chief is way down the pecking order amongst chit chat over Twitter – perhaps it was *that* argument with El early in the season which damaged his likeability.

Whichever character wins the most ‘mentions-over-Twitter’ contest, they all add their own value and different element to the show which what makes it such a success.

Stranger Things had an awful lot of hype and expectation with the release of the second season, and it certainly delivered on all fronts; congratulations Netflix, you’ve won 2017.

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