Making Your Mark Outdoors: North Face Have Just Won The Advert Game

With the Christmas period just around the corner, all companies have taken up arms to compete in the annual ad battle as they go from depicting a monster under a bed to casting Paddington Bear as headline acts to win over British hearts.

As entertaining as they are, as well as being applauded for delivering all the correct Christmas messages – cue the list of superlatives defining Christmas: sharing, togetherness, family – you get the picture, a recent advert release which has trumped them all without going down the Christmas theme is North Face; it’s quite literally Blue Planet, but the human version.

Where Sir David Attenborough’s show regularly has viewers asking the question: ‘Seriously, how have they filmed that?!’, this brilliant North Face advert has done the same but the audience going: ‘[Insert explicit] me, how has he done that?!’.

We can all relate to the advert; sitting in the back of your parents’ car, daydreaming out the window of something which seems out of the ordinary, but having the vision what you’re imagining becoming a reality – welcome to the world of North Face; why put a limit on things?

Rather than tuning into the dull conversations of everyday life, as is going on in this advert when the parents drive past a decorated wall on the road…

“The colours look great; we should do something like that in the bathroom.”

The kid in the background is more engaged in Tom Wallisch performing tricks only your imagination could think of; perfectly executed alongside, The Avalanches’ “Because I’m Me”, as the musical choice to accompany the visual footage; ingenious.

Where North Face could be categorised into the ‘middle-age’ bracket of a target audience with a production line that consists of gilets and fleeces, the brand manages to engage such a wide audience by appealing to all ages; it’s got the ‘cool’ factor with marketing ads like these and clothes we all want to don when getting involved in outdoor sports.

The video took three weeks to film and was inspired by freestyle skier, JP Auclair, who originally wrote the concept but sadly passed away in an avalanche in 2014:

“With so many moving pieces and unique shots and locations, it was an undertaking to complete. I swear I could feel JP guiding us on the video as we shot it.”

— Tom Wallisch

If you want four minutes of distraction and want to imagine skiing in a glorious village, then this is the video for you; congratulations North Face, you’ve won the 2017 advert contest.












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