The Holiday Gift You Need To Get For The Golf Lover In Your Life

Finding the perfect gift can be a tall task during the holiday season. With all the ads and commercials vying for your attention, get this, buy that, but we’re here to help you eliminate those pretenders and help you get your loved one something special.

If you’re looking at this as someone who doesn’t golf, we forgive you if you haven’t heard about this. But if you’re a golfer, you should already have this in your home. Chippo Golf has made a statement and we’re here to scream it from the rooftops.

So what is Chippo? Chippo is basically the love child of ski ball and chipping. With extremely simple rules, the party will come to you if you have this game.

Chippo comes with two lightweight boards that have secret spots on the back of them that provides a stand to create a perfect landing zone and the launch pad. So not only is this the perfect tailgate game, you won’t be worried about the clean up when you’re happily wasted.

The pack comes with almostGolf balls and the name describes them perfectly. They’re almost golf balls but you can hit them hard and they still won’t go very far for easy retrieval when you’ve blasted one with too much power.

Everything has been simple so far from setup to ball retrieval, but we haven’t discussed the rules yet. Guess what? They’re easy too! You get a point for hitting the board, 3 points for hitting the big hole in the front, 5 points for the corner holes, and an 2x extra points if you hit the launch pad on your way over. Not only are the rules easy, but the guys who created the game are golf lovers too, stating that if you do hit the launch pad with a perfect bounce towards the board, you should promptly yell “mashed potatoes” before downing your beer in victory. (The beer part isn’t included but it should be)

This is the perfect gift for any golf lover because who has enough time to always make it to the course? Now they can practice their short game in the backyard with friends, at a tailgate, or anywhere really. Just pop your Chippo in your trunk and you’re good to go! Chippo is the way to go, they’ll thank you for it.

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