Three of the Best Health and Wellness Apps for Millennials

As a member of the most health-conscious and on-the-move generations, only the top fitness and health apps will do for you – and CLICKON is here to help.

The youth: the quintessential scapegoat for thousands of years on end. With all of the stereotypical tendencies associated with them lobbed atop an ever-growing pile of “the problems that technology causes”, being a member the first generation to grow up with the Internet has its own unique series of challenges to overcome.

With Millennial membership more-or-less dictating that one’s life revolves around the digital tools used reach out and connect with the rest of the world, our lives can seem to fill up to the brim far quicker than before. Coupled with the fact that a tech-laden pastime often errs on the side of the sedentary, it’s no wonder that good fitness and health apps are in such high demand. Rest ye anxious heads then, dear reader, as we take you through the best that your mobile device has to offer.

Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy is available on all major smartphones, and there’s a reason why it’s at the top of our list. With nearly every workout imaginable in its database, Fitness Buddy makes it ridiculously easy to find a plethora of different exercises to punish the various parts of your body with.

Coupled with a premium option that gives you access to high-intensity workouts that’ll put you through a gauntlet, the focus is solely on results. With an intuitive interface and a no-nonsense package, it knows its purpose and executes it flawlessly. There’s even a social feature if you just must ruin a friendship or two through competition.


At face value, Handpick doesn’t seem to do a whole lot. It merely allows you to search recipes that contain the food items you pick off a list. It isn’t until you’re stuck in your flat with nothing but a rat-tag assortment of last week’s purchases and no clue what to do with them that Handpick swoops to the rescue. By selecting any amount of ingredients from the app’s database, Handpick works its magic and spits out every recipe combination possible – always opting for the healthiest option. For those of you that find yourselves breaking when exhaustion hits you, Handpick will make even the most dreary and fatigued evening into something much greater than mediocre takeout.

Nike+ Run Club

We’ve saved the most divisive of the apps for last, of course. Despite the permeating health-conscious attitude of us youngins, we still find a way to abhor one of the most ancient and effective human activities: running. We get it, bruh, you avoid any activity that places your resting heart rate above 100bpm. But here’s the shocker – are you sitting? – all that cardio is good for you. Aside from giving your cardiovascular and metabolic systems a boost, running does for your mind what walking does – only it amps it up to 11.

Fused with the Nike+ Run Club app, and your pedestrian outings around the block can become much more adventurous excursions. With built in monitoring, GPS tracking, and social features such as leaderboards and ranking, Nike has wonderfully gamified one of the most dreaded physical exercises. Throw Pokémon GO in there while you’re at it and you’ll be touting calves the size of cantaloupes in no time.

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