How Adobe Cornered the Market on Creativity

From providing industry–leading software to a stranglehold on the creative market, Adobe has transitioned from product to service provider with incredible success.

When Adobe first announced that it was moving away from their traditional box-and-license software approach, the pitchforks were brought out in force. How dare they take something so beloved away from us? Something that worked just perfectly fine in our minds.

It’s time to admit that we lucked out, and Adobe knew what they were doing. Whereas they once charged upwards of hundreds of dollars for their products, the decision to roll them all into one cloud-based service has been paying the company back in spades.

For only $50.00 a month, one could find themselves sitting in front of their PC with Adobe’s entire creative suite at their fingertips. Everything from Photoshop and Lightroom to Premier Pro and After Effects could cozily cohabitate on your hard drive. With all of their tools at ones disposal, the only limits are only in the imagination. But that’s not enough for Adobe. Just when we thought they were done, they went ahead and improved even more – those relentless madmen.

The effort that Adobe has gone through to make their applications user-friendly is something that competitors would be wise to study. Keenly aware that lifetime education equates to lifetime brand loyalty, Adobe has done as much as possible to put the fun of learning to be creative through their programs front and center. Detailed tooltips, easy-to-access tutorial videos, and even plucking the best and brightest in the creative field to come work for them directly has built them into a tour-de-force out in the field.

While their accomplishments seem vast and impressive, the core behind their new push is remarkably simply – and echoes Amazon’s mentality quite a bit. Just like Amazon’s “Prime” subscription service, Adobe realized that if it could make its customers an offer that was far too good to pass down, they’d profit in the long run.

By offering all their apps in one simple and refined package, they’ve done just that. Not that we’d forget to mention all future lifetime updates are included as well. It seems – just like Bezos’ brainchild continues to add to the top of the pile of Prime subscriber bonuses, so too does Adobe season their product until we’re collectively drooling at the doorstep.

So far, Adobe has been met with little competition. It’s no secret that there are other programs one could use for digital painting, photo manipulation, video editing, and VFX – but there are few software companies that have showed their willingness to follow in Adobe’s footsteps – and that suits Adobe just fine. The longer the competition takes to catch up, the more will flock to them in droves – and the surge is showing no signs of stopping.


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