Being The Odd Ones Out: Things Only A Section Of The Population Enjoy

We’re all different; we’ve all got our own USP which gives us the identity to which we represent. It’s what makes the world and people so interesting.

Yet there is generally a rule of thumb when it comes to ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’; you can more often than not categorise the ‘majority’ who favour a certain type of condiment. For example, if you’re not having ketchup on your bacon sandwich – you’re fitting into the ‘minority’.

Then there’s the regular chocolate box debate: everyone will fight for the Malteser treat in the Celebrations box, and usually leave the Snickers and Bounty hanging about at the end as the bits of scraps for the least boisterous character in the family; no surprise it was Gwen in Gavin and Stacey

Sometimes, /rarely, there’s the odd bounty lover; that moment where someone is willing to take the hit – by choice – to have the chocolate. But what else falls into the category of unusual by normally only being liked by the minority?

Lying in bed with socks

Yep, some love it, most find it plain weird. If you’re the kind to wear socks in bed, it supposedly helps improve your sleep by increasing circulation, as well as causing people to fall to sleep quicker.

And for the more promiscuous, wearing socks in bed apparently acts as an aphrodisiac; maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all.

Mayonnaise with a fried egg sandwich

Ketchup, just as it is with a bacon sarnie, is essential; but, having it with a fried egg sandwich is just for those weird loving Mayo lovers.

There is zero reason to do it, other than to tamper with your housemates morning breakfast.


Some find it repulsive, some find it cleansing; almost like that rewarding physical feeling that’s telling yourself: ‘Congrats, you are working hard, now for that, you deserve a pint after sweating out all the rubbish you’ve consumed’…

Bovril drink

One for a percentage of northerners, completely alien to southerners. But, yes, some people do enjoy indulging in a Bovril based hot drink. Marmite is either you love it or hate it – Bovril’s one step too far, and should only be drunk as a form of punishment.

Small talk

How can some people actually enjoy forceful/disengaging/awkward conversation?

There you have it, the list of the unlikeable being likeable. To those that do enjoy such things, good on you – it makes the world a more interesting place for it.

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