Getting More Bang For Your Buck With A Meal Deal

France has snails and frog legs, Cambodia has fried tarantulas and the Chinese have birds nest soup; all cultural experiences, that offer an insight into the subtleties of a country’s way of life.

England? Well, outside of a traditional Sunday roast down The White Hart/The Black Bull/The Red Lion (delete as applicable to your hometown), any holidaymakers looking to sample the truest of true English delicacies, should look no further than a meal deal.

The only way you could make it even more intrinsically British would be if Paddington Bear, himself, served you at the till at your supermarket of choice.

What a person chooses in their meal deal tells you a lot about them, and ultimately, whether you can trust them.

Naturally, someone who opts for ‘plain ham, no mayo’ is a serial killer-in-waiting; no one in their right mind would enjoy the dryness of such a sandwich – it’s like chowing down on sandpaper.

Whereas, someone how goes for a Ploughman’s, although not a *terrible* choice, and a sandwich option filled with British pride, do you really want to be friends with someone who goes for the ‘to be honest, you could’ve made that sandwich easily enough at home’? Exactly.

A meal deal is all about getting the most for your money; it’s about getting the high-end products and getting the biggest saving possible at the self-service tills – we’ve just given Lord Alan Sugar a great idea for an Apprentice task.

Each retailer’s meal deal does differ in price – you’ll never have met a more outraged English person, than one who has seen a meal deal priced at more than £3. However, if you’re looking for those luxury items, on a millennial budget, then get yourself down to Boots and nab that triple chicken sarnie and coconut water – honestly, it’s like daylight robbery.

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