Can You Hear That? The Most Savage Phone Commercials That Showed No Mercy

The biggest competitors in the advertising game are those surrounding the small electronic device that has become a part of daily life. Whether they’re trying to get you to switch services or get their brand of mobile device, phone retailers and carriers are a different kind of beast.

The need to one up each other in every aspect is just a part of the modern market. Apple is actually the one company that uses its commercials to showcase their products specifically, without any need to slander another company in the process. This shows how successful they really are within this industry, surely prompting a recent Samsung commercial that decided to throw them under the bus.

The commercial showcases one man and his need to stick with the ever-present iPhone year after year. Even though he sees what the other phones can do, for some reason he can’t seem to switch from the iPhone, a struggle that is extremely relatable. In the end he gives in and seems super content with the Galaxy, passing by another long Apple line on the streets with a smile.

The commercial is savagely named Growing Up, a perfect dis for a company that is trying to take down a product that has dominated throughout the years.

This is a strategy that is as old as time, undermine your opponent to make you seem like the better option. This next commercial takes a similar approach without actually naming whatever the other phone is, they just call it your “lazy phone”.

Moto X came out with multiple versions of this concept because not only was this a nice dig at other phones, they got comedian T.J. Miller to play this so called lazy phone and killed it.

Now for the real savagery. Remember that guy from Verizon commercials that would say, “Can you hear me now?”, well in 2016 he pulled the ultimate FU and switched to Sprint using the same schtick.

Everybody knew him for those commercials *specifically* and Sprint used that to their advantage with this new campaign.

It ends with, “Can you hear that?”. Damn.

Now, while this commercial is less brutal towards competing phone services, this AT&T Samsung ad totally sh*ts on Ozzy Osborne hard. The best part? Ozzy himself stars in the commercial. Now that’s savage.

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