All The Flavours: Walkers Need To Release These New Flavours

Crisp sandwiches will forever remain the greatest food – we can even forgive it, for when a stray crisp digs into the roof of your mouth, meaning you’ll be unable to fully enjoy food for the next week.

The versatility of a crisp sandwich is it’s main selling points:

  • It can be breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • It can be breakfast, lunch AND dinner
  • It can cure a hangover
  • It can be a snack
  • It doesn’t discriminate against any bread or crisps; come one, come all.

It’s perfection – especially when in the form of white doorstop bread, Walkers Cheese & Onion and butter that is more like slices than a spread.

The possibilities are endless for crisp sandwiches – want Frazzles in there? Go for it. Wotsits? Throw them between those slices. And it makes you wonder what wonderful crisp flavours we are yet to discover, that could revolutionise the crisp sandwich.

Walkers, if you’re reading, you’re welcome.

Loaded Bacon & Cheese Potato Skins

The beauty of potatoes, is that they never judge you for what you have on them. However, there really is only one way to have a jacket potato, and that’s drowning in melted cheese, stuffed with bacon, finished with a sprinkling of chive ?.

Pork Belly

If you’re eating à la carte, then there’s nowhere else to look when ordering – sprinkle a few pieces of crackling in the bag, too, and we are away.


Wouldn’t be a modern day poll without the entry of McFace. But what flavour would CrispyMcCrispFace actually be? We’d opt for mixing every single flavour Walkers have, mixing it together and seeing what the outcome is.

Kung Po Chicken

Stop pretending peking duck is the best item at a Chinese buffet.

Bacon & Maple Syrup Pancakes

Why hasn’t this been down before?

Falafel & Halloumi

Mediterranean food must be the most popular lunchtime cuisine at the moment, with lunch boxes (poising as salads) containing halloumi and falafel all the rage for that lunchtime office escape.

Black Pudding & Chorizo Scotch Egg

Stop the look of disgust and trust us; it’s heavenly.

Pesto & Parmesan

And let’s really commit to this one, by turning the crisps the colour of pesto – green pesto, obviously, and not that fake imposter, red pesto.

And the winner is…

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