Achieving The Impossible: How To Pull Off Wearing A Gilet

The endless debate around a gilet is up there with one of the most British conversations you could ever have.

Starting with…

Every Single Dad: “You Forgot Your Sleeves, Son”

*scans around room looking for laughter*

…and ending with:

“But aren’t you cold?”

But before you throw that gilet-themed party, there are a few steps to nailing that underrated look.

Wear In All Weathers

That’s the beauty of a gilet, it’s perfect for those summer evenings or those cold winter walks; don’t be afraid to wear in the spring, summer, autumn or winter – sometimes the colder months don’t require a jacket that wouldn’t look out of place in the Swiss Alps.

Add A Splash Of Colour

Navy, grey or black, those gilets are a dime a dozen as you wander a busy high street on a Saturday. But we aren’t here to blend; we are here to ‘peacock’.

Go find that green, red or rainbow-coloured gilet, because you’re proud to be a gilet-wearer.

Make That Lightweight Alternative Warmer

It’s too cold for just a lightweight jacket but it certainly doesn’t require the parka jacket; the gilet is all about the layering.


You don’t always have to look like you’ve come from a Michelin man convention; a gilet doesn’t have to born into the nylon family.

Be brave, be bold and opt for a suede or woollen one.

Shop The Look

For all the positives to a gilet, it has to be said, it’s hard to get the outfit it ‘works’ with. Therefore, opting for a gilet means you’re also opting into the whole wardrobe.

Do not, under any circumstances, think that a gilet is something to just throw on as you head out the door.

Don’t Be The Cliché

The social stigma of a Made In Chelsea wannabe, born with a silver spoon in their mouth, who enjoys hunting on the weekend, is a hard cliché to escape.

Until now…

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