4 Tips for Finding the Best Food on a Skint Wallet

Having scraps for funds in your wallet doesn’t mean you have to settle for scraps on your plate – jump in as the fund-hoarding masters at CLICKON show you how find amazing food like a baller on a budget.

We’ve all been there – standing by as the wooshing sound of our money being lifted out of our savings accounts flies by. Yes, life can be cruel to 20-somethings looking to carve out their first step on a career ladder, but it doesn’t mean that your diet must suffer. Follow these tips, and you’ll be sure to be living like a gourmand in no time.

Stop Forking Money Over to Chains

We get it. Those ultra-low prices are tempting – how else do you think they get you in through the door? But at the cost “saving money”, you’re ultimately playing with your health. Sure, the likes of McDonald’s, Burger King, Arbys, and Subway have made small steps over the past few years in providing their consumers with healthier versions of past ingredients, but they still ascribe to an age old saying: “If you polish a turd, it’s still a turd.” If we’re being honest, you’re better off hopping into the nearest convenience store and pouring yourself some milk over cereal still in the box.

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Make Hole-in-the-Wall Shops Your Destination

There’s no empirical research to back this up, but we’re certain the dingier a place looks the better quality of food that they serve. While there are bound to be some outliers, our ground team has reported back a startling 90% accuracy in predictions over the quality of food, service, and general pleasant-smelling aromas within the tucked-away establishments vetted.

Not only will you be getting a quality food, you’re getting it from people who are downright passionate about what they do, and just want to see their customers go home with a full belly and a smiling face. If you don’t believe us, try it out. Check out how many nooks and crannies in your local city act as hideaways for some amazing and affordable cuisine – you’d be surprised.

Buy Raw Ingredients – Cook for Yourself

Yeah, we know. You didn’t want to see this on here. Honestly, part of didn’t want to write it either – but here we are. There’s no way beating around the bush over this one. Whether you’re sitting down to dine or are grabbing some takeout in a hurry, you’re factoring in labor as part of your ticket price.

Want to reduce the cost? Then be prepared to fork over some time. Whip out your laptop, get your favorite recipes together, and start training yourself to be your own master chef. While undoubtedly daunting at first, you’ll be amazed at what sort of dishes you’ll be able to cook up for friends and family. Or for just yourself and your cat. We’re not judging. Promise.

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Realize that Buying Higher Quality Ingredients Means Having to Eat Less

This ties in to the above, but we had to include it simply on the premise that many folks out there struggle to understand the concept of nutritional value. The next time you find yourself scoffing at an “organic” apple, or “grass-fed” beef, take a moment to understand that there’s a reason behind the premium in the price – and it’s not to trick yuppie liberals into forking over more for their food.

With added care over the process and less industrial influence, that blue-ribbon cut of beef is going to do a hell of a lot more for your hunger and health than the 50-pack box of frozen chicken nuggets ever will.

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