Life In 280 Characters: Ferrari’s Testarossa Leading The Way

It will be no surprise to you that Ferrari sit comfortably in the top three for supercars mentioned on Twitter over the last 12 months; the iconic brand, the iconic red and the iconic ‘dream’ car for most millennials.

The Italian stallion logo is befitting of anything of such luxury, and one day many of us will hope to own the one of the various sexy supercars the car manufacturer produces – if Father Christmas is reading, we will settle for one of those ‘red letter’ experience days for December 25th, this year.

But you can’t simply say you love Ferraris – of course, it’s very easy to love all variations of the supercar – but that’s like saying: “I love football but don’t support a team” – it’s quite simply not possible.

So which type of Ferrari takes top spot on the podium for the most loved?

Well, using Twitter mentions over the last 12 months, we’ve found the answer.

Arise, Sir Testarossa; the most loved, and iconic Ferrari to ever take to our streets. And you can totally see why.

Red Head

It’s tough for ‘red heads’ at school, but not out in the real world, with the Italian words ‘Testa Rossa’ literally translating to ‘red head’ in English.

But this is not to say she doesn’t look as gorgeous in other colours!


You always thought that the large side intakes were merely there for aesthetics, didn’t you? Although they add to the style, they actually serve a functional purpose, too.

By cooling down the radiators, and then leaving through ventilation holes at the lid and the engine, the Testarossa didn’t require a spoiler, like so many supercars do – and no one *really* likes a big, clunky, in your face spoiler.


Gaming has come along way since the mid-80s release of OutRun, and, naturally, with all games, the graphics, gameplay and all round quality of the original game hasn’t stood the test of time – doesn’t mean it doesn’t still make for a great nostalgic play.

But the Ferrari Testarossa, forever immortalised as the ‘go-to’ car on the game, has stood the test of time; what a beauty!

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