Gametime: The Only Ticket App You’ll Ever Need

TicketMaster is the devil’s spawn. For years, it held a near-monopoly on tickets, holding concert-goers and sports fans hostage with gangland-style extortion fees. A $100 ticket might end up costing you $150. But there’s hope for all you last-minute scalpers. It’s called Gametime, and it’s an app you absolutely need to have on your phone.

While there are many third-party ticket aggregators trying to squeeze money out of the secondary ticket market, nobody does it better than Gametime. SeatGeek and StubHub are servicable, but you’ll find the real deals on Gametime.

Since the secondary ticket market is controlled by ticket brokers buying and selling in bulk instead of actual people selling their extra tickets, you can find last-minute deals on the app as game time approaches, hence the name. The companies holding tickets slash prices in the hours leading up to the game; they’d rather sell tickets for half price than not at all.

Obviously, you’re not going to find a steal of a deal on Game 7 of the World Series or the World Cup Final but for most sporting events, supply of tickets exceeds demand.

NBA and NHL teams play 82 games per season and MLB teams play 162. If your city has a team in all three leagues, you’re looking at about 160 home games a year, not counting playoffs, the NFL, or MLS. That means that three or four days a week, there’s a pro sports game going on. Beggars can’t be choosers, but as long as you’re not going to a Celtics vs. Lakers game, chances are high that you can poach tickets for below face value.

For example, three day-of tickets to the LA Kings vs. Boston Bruins game on November 16th cost $90 including all said and done. That’s $30 bucks a pop. On the LA Kings’ official website, tickets start at $68 each, before fees; $80 per ticket after fees.

That means you’re paying 38 cents on the dollar when you use Gametime — you’d have to be 100% crazy not to take advantage of that. Next time you’re looking for tickets, you know where to look.

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