5 Lessons Every College Student Learns Before Graduating

Some people are lucky enough to pop out of their mother’s womb already knowing exactly who they are meant to be, going through every stage of life with confidence. For the rest of us, it’s not quite that easy. Thank god for college.

Universities and colleges are presented to the world as higher education, a place to go to learn your craft and to help you succeed in the career driven world. This is a load of crap. Unless you know exactly what you want to do in life, which most people don’t, it’s hard to take an array of classes and have everything magically fall into place.

Although the classes and teachers might seem like BS, college does teach you some important lessons that prepare you for much more than just ways to make money. It teaches you how to be you.

Let Go

High school is a difficult place for many. You’re not quite sure who you are and the people in your home town might not be the kind of people you want to surround yourself with.

College helps you learn to let go of your past and start fresh. Maybe you were picked on in high school or maybe you were the bully. Once you step onto campus it doesn’t matter anymore. The people surrounding you don’t know who you were, they only know who you are now and how you present yourself in the present. That freeing feeling of complete anonymity is the first step to becoming you.


By becoming essentially “no one”, you can be completely yourself. Over the 4 years at the establishment of your choice, you learn that your opinion is the most important one. You don’t have to fit into preconceived notions of your family or who you might have been. You can just be you.

The friends you make is also another huge part of your individuality, which may seem backwards, but the people you surround yourself are truly a reflection of yourself. When you cut out the bad influences in your life and keep only the people who lift you up and make you better, you become the best version of yourself. Plus, those that stick around are usually the ones that stick for life.

Just Live

While college is trying to prepare you for the future, it also inadvertently teaches you how to live for right now. You realize what’s important, and while classes should be a part of that list, every moment becomes something to remember.

You are no longer living at home with rules to follow, giving you complete control of your life. You make your breakfast, you go to class, you go out on weeknights. It’s all up to you and with that sense of freedom and power, comes great responsibility — thanks Uncle Ben — teaching you to appreciate things you might have taken for granted before.

4 years might seem like a long time but it goes by with a blink of an eye. You’ll learn to cherish those around you and the freedom you have and that growth alone will change you.

C’s Get Degrees

Of course you’re there to get an education, but no one looks at your diploma after you graduate. It’s a sad truth but if you get through the pre rec’s you need to you’re most likely good to go. School can be stressful and finals are the worst but if you work hard you should be happy with your outcome.

College is about those nights you’ll never forget, staying up until 4am with your friends watching Avatar and talking about life. Finding your first love, getting your heart broken, going out on weeknights, celebrating birthdays of newly made friends, and living.

So thank you college, not for the education, but for teaching high school kids that life gets better.

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