Locked In: Two Huge Reasons For The iPhone’s Continued Success

The iPhone has continued to be successful over years of new models and various competitors trying to steal its thunder, but again and again the phone has prevailed. There are two HUGE reasons for the cycle that the iPhone has created with consumers sticking with Apple’s principle product.

Once you have the iPhone in your hand, whether you bought one when they first came out or are new to the Apple game, the company snags you in its world of connectivity. Communication between iPhones is unparalleled. They know what people find most important within their product and its a person’s phonebook.


This may seem so simple, but it is truly an important factor in the iPhone’s success. The satisfaction that comes with a confirmed sent text message is crucial. The blue bubbles with “delivered” plastered below it is an aspect that other brands just don’t have. Once you’ve been transported into the world of blue, green messages are a hard pill to swallow.

Read receipts and the three dots that indicate a person is typing are other features that reel you in. You know when to type and when not to when you see those three dots. It helps with the flow of conversation as you’re not typing over each other because you can literally see the other person in thought. Read receipts are rare but when someone utilizes this feature, you know when you’ve been left hanging.


FaceTiming has become a verb, that’s how common and easy it is to use. iPhone users can see a person as easily as they can start a text message.

When this feature was introduced it was truly futuristic. Instead of calling or texting someone, you were able to see the person with your own eyes, creating an even better way to communicate. Even if you’re 3,000 miles away from your family, it only takes a push of a button to see their smiling faces.

If the person you’re trying to talk to doesn’t have an iPhone, you need to download other apps and it’s never quite as clear. The sheer effortlessness it takes to see a loved one between iPhones has created a lane all to itself.

This is why the iPhone continues to be successful. Whatever sizes or shapes or features the iPhone comes up with next really doesn’t matter because the base of its product is what keeps its consumers coming back. Communication was what phones were created for and Apple has hit the nail on the head.

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