N64 Nostalgia: Why This Older Console Is Still Relevant Today

Although released in 1996, Nintendo 64 remains one of the most beloved gaming systems to this day. Despite being a little over a decade old, this console has had continued success thanks to its loyal fans and its effortless design.

You would think that with all of the new technology in the world, people would get sick of the N64 or completely move on, leaving the older gaming system to waste away in the graveyard of dead tech but that never happened. Even with innovations like virtual reality headsets, the past demands to be remembered.


Now that Generation Z — better known as millennials — have entered the adult world, there is a sense of nostalgia that comes along with the N64. Many grew up playing this game and it was truly a unicorn in its hay-day, capturing the hearts of kids fairly quickly.

In a way the gaming system has made a resurgence because those kids can now afford to buy things for themselves and the N64 is a staple of any millennials home/apartment/basement. If they didn’t hold on to the one their parents got them back in the day, it seems like a no brainer to splurge the $200 for the console, controllers, and a few games. That’s a┬ásteal for technology these days.

There’s nothing quite like leaving an A mark on your finger after holding down the button for hours straight while playing Mario Kart with friends. It’s a difficult time we live in and sometimes it’s nice to remember the days when the hardest decision you had to make was whether you were going to use Kirby or Fox on Smash.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

As technology advances, so do the gaming systems and that means more complicated updates and controllers and basically everything. This is another reason the N64 is still relevant today, it is probably the most simple console to use today.

You hook up the console to the TV (one cord for power and the three colored plug ins) then put the game in the slot and turn it on! So. Freakin’. Easy. That’s not all. The controllers are super easy to use as well, with the joystick controlling the entire body and not the head and body separately like newer ones. A to go, B to go back, joystick for movement, boom you’re all set to play.

Going from a newer system to the N64 is a breeze and even if you haven’t played in a while, the straightforward setup is just like riding a bike, you never truly forget.

Grab on to your purple translucent controller and “Here we go!!”

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