Dog Days: How Wag! Revolutionized A Not So Niche Market

When you picture a dog walker, you probably imagine one person with 6 dogs tangled around each other on a busy city street. Soon, people won’t even be able to remember that kind of dog walking thanks to the innovative app and business model, Wag!.

Having a dog is basically like having a child that never grows up but loves you unconditionally without asking for anything in return (except for food, shelter, and love). Even if they’re not asking, dogs are expensive and so owners have to go to work to support their babies. Wag! has entered the market and created a way for owners to let their little buddies get some fresh air and go potty without ever leaving work.

It’s a pretty simple process. You download the app, request a walker in your area and watch your pup the whole time they’re with that person. That’s right, Wag! has incorporated GPS into their system that allows owner to see where the walker takes your dog and where they peed and pooped. Walkers also send pictures of the pup and send them to the owner with a review of how they were that day, something they call an “activity report”.

All walkers must receive a background check and go through training before they can start interacting with the dogs. This allows reassurance that all of the people who are available to take your buddy for a walk are reliable and safe. Once you find a walker you like, you can book them on a recurring basis and be reassured every time they leave the house.

Not to mention, with each walk that is made through Wag! they donate a portion to feeding dogs in shelters. So not only are they taking care of your beloved dog but they’re giving back to those dogs that don’t have a forever home just yet.

Wag! has revolutionized a market that you didn’t know needed revolutionizing and those are always the best kinds of revolutions. Dog lovers unite!

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