Stranger Things Actor Finn Wolfhard Meets Game Grumps

There are two types of people in this world right now, those who can not stop talking about Stranger Things and people who can not stand people talking about Stranger Things.

Through two seasons of the show, fans formed strong bonds and attachments to the characters and actors, some even feeling unreasonably annoyed at cast member Finn Wolfhard (A.K.A. Mike Wheeler on Stranger Things) for not expressing incredible excitement to interact with them – cast members and fans alike came to Finn’s defense saying that his actions seemed reasonable and did not reflect his personality and character.

For those of you  interested in seeing who Finn Wolfhard is as a person, you could watch interviews. However, often fail to truly express what a person is like do to their predetermined questions and structure. Luckily for you, Finn is a fan of the YouTube series GameGrumps. Hosts Dan Avidan (A.K.A Danny Sexbang of Ninja Sex Party) and Arin Hanson (A.K.A Egoraptor) invited Finn to play games with them, and the videos were posted in mid-January.

While Finn faced slight restriction in what he could say (so not to ruin his image) his personality still shines through. He appears to be a happy 14-year-old with humor just like any other.

Guest Grumps

GameGrumps has also hosted many other prominent guests. Some include guest that put on particularly good shows include Rob Schneider, Dan Harmon, Jacob Anderson, Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani and many others.

These videos offer a unique glimpse into the personalities of these celebrities. When they sit down to play a video game among friends they are able to relax and freely (for the most part) express themselves. Each guest on the show is different and each episode is worth watching, so if you have some time to spare, see if anybody you like appeared as a guest, you might just see a side of them you never thought you would.

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