Jamo: Why Whiskey Is A Man’s Best Friend

Buying drinks can be a risky gambit. A drink conveys a lot about a man’s character — too fruity and you’re sunk; too aggressive and you’re a creep. There’s only one fool-proof way out of a liquor induced quagmire: whiskey. Specifically, Jameson.

Introduced in 1780, Jameson has been helping man solve problems for almost 250 years. A once humble operation has expanded into a  global empire. Annual production has expanded to over four million cases per year — over one billion glasses.

“To have reached the 4 million cases milestone, which equates to over 1.3 billion glasses of Jameson consumed around the world last year, is a true reflection of the growing international success of Jameson.”

Anna Malmhake, Jameson CEO

Whiskey is the perfect ally for a number of reasons. First, it’s classy. Everybody respects a whiskey man. There’s a sophistication coefficient associated with whiskey that’s deeply ingrained in society.

Second, it doesn’t fill you up. Downing pints is awesome, but it’s a laborious endeavor. No one wears 96 ounces of beer well.

Jameson is also culturally significant. Over 600,000 “whiskey tourists” visit Ireland a year, and the Jameson distillery in Dublin is the crown jewel of that operation. The powers that be in Ireland want to more than triple that number — they’re aiming to attract 1.9 million people by 2030. A lofty goal, but Ireland’s whiskey exports have more than tripled in the past decade.

Business is booming. And Dublin’s legendary Jameson distillery on Bow Street completed a $12.6 million renovation earlier this year.

You literally can’t lose drinking whiskey. Obviously it needs to be consumed responsibly — eleven Jamos is too many for anybody not named Andre The Giant. But if you stick to a number you can count on one hand, you should be fine.

And at $23 a bottle (before tax), you’re getting good bang for your buck. Jameson is equal parts affordable and delicious. What’s stopping you from going to buy a bottle right now?

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