Mini Success: Why BMW’s Smallest Car Is So Popular

The BMW brand has made a name for itself in the automotive world and has become synonymous with luxury and quality. These characteristics spread under the companies entire umbrella, including its smallest car, the MINI Cooper.

The MINI has become a cult classic in the same manner that Rocky Horror Picture Show has; it may not be for everyone but those who love it are die hard fans. The bright colors and small build are definitely a part of the acquired taste for this car but the engine and style on the inside are what created its community.

Thanks to the movie The Italian Job, the MINI got a better rep for being not only visually appealing but something that could be used in a high speed car chase. This definitely gave sales a boost in the early 2000’s after being acquired by BMW.

Never underestimate the power of street cred.

A big part of what makes these cars so special is that they are completely customizable and over the years they’ve added different models to appeal to an even larger audience.

They have the classic hardtop, convertible, the longer Clubman, four door Countryman, coupé, and newly stylized Paceman. You can go for sleek black, hot pink, baby blue, or red with race stripes and create your MINI specifically to your liking. Because it started off as a British car, many of them have the English flag plastered on the roof.

Honestly, you could probably grandmother’s face fitted to the roof of your car if you asked nicely (aka more $$).

Because the MINI is a part of the BMW company, there’s a sense of pride that comes along with owning one of these. With each car’s ability to be completely different from the one next to it, MINI Cooper’s have one of the biggest meet up communities.

People get together and show off their customized car. One of the biggest meet up’s has over 600 members signed up. You don’t see Z Series creating that kind of buzz around it. There really are no limits regarding who can own this car, from the girl next door to a retired race car driver to a surfer from LA. It’s become more than just a car, it’s become a culture.

Cars are something people use every day and to be able to match it to your own personality is something that sets the MINI apart from other brands, making it a favorite within the BMW franchise.

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