The Greatest Youtube Videos That Have Been Forgotten Over Time

When the internet first burst onto the scene, Youtube was right there to create a user friendly place to upload videos and so the age of “going viral” began. But this was before you could share clips easily on phones or Facebook, most of the videos that were popular became that way by word of mouth.

As time went on and the internet expanded, people forgot about the weird and quirky videos that started the whole damn thing. Well, we’re here to remind you that these existed. You’re welcome.


This is the same *guy* that created Shoes, but muffins was the underrated and lesser known video of the two. This was the kind of video you couldn’t look away from and it just gets weirder and weirder the longer you watch.

The End Of The World

Remember eBaum’s World? Yeah, this was one of the videos that you quoted throughout school and secretly made you hate kangaroos. It also made you think you were actually speaking in a French accent, but that was not the case at all.

“But I am le tired.” “So take a nap… THEN FIRE ZE MISSILES!!!!”

Charlie The Unicorn

“We’re going to candy mountain, Charlie!!”

God, this was definitely one of the more annoying videos to go viral back in the day. It was addicting to watch but almost 4 minutes of cartoon unicorns being absolutely ridiculous can get a bit old.

I Like Turtles

This isn’t really a user friendly uploaded video, but it was definitely a staple of the time. Everyone began saying “I like turtles” out of context and the rest is history. If you forgot where that phrase even came from, we wouldn’t blame you.

David After The Dentist

The best part of this video was when David just randomly starts screaming and lifting up out of his seat like a possessed demon child. This started the whole anesthesia and wisdom tooth video craze, leading to two brothers tricking their sister into thinking the apocalypse had happened and she had to choose between saving her dog or cat.

People say the darn-dest things when they’re all drugged up.

The Landlord

This was the beginning of Funny or Die content and look who it is, none other than Will Ferrell. The baby landlord wanted her money and she wasn’t taking any sh*t from Will, whether she was a drunk or not.

Charlie Bit Me

“Ouch, Charlie. That really hurt.”

Another video that made American’s think they were putting on a really good English accent by saying “Char-lay”. This has to be one of the first videos that were mimicked by the general population, coming out with parody Charlie Bit Me videos of their own.

Before Youtube was overrun by ads, influencers, and music videos, it was a place for fun and imagination. No matter how weird, these videos made people laugh and that’s what the internet should be for.

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