Worst Athlete Mugshots Of All-Time

Athletes are expected to be role models for fans everywhere of all ages, but let’s face it. They’re human and they’re bound to make mistakes.

Some of those mistakes are simple, like Baker Mayfield’s aggressive gesture in the heat of the moment that made him look like a member of DX. Others are unnecessary things said to the media that usually warrant an apology once the league takes a hefty sum of money from their wallet.

Then, there are those mistakes that warrant the one picture that will haunt them forever – the mugshot. A mugshot is often an event someone would want to forget by any means necessary, but because of how classic their pictures are, these athletes will never live it down. Here are the top sports star mugshots.

Josh Beckett

Doesn’t that look like the face of a man who got boozed up, possibly had some flashbacks of him getting rocked during a past rough day on the mound, and then decided to take his frustrations out on a one-man country band?

After tackling a singer at an open-mic night, this wasn’t just a fantastic mugshot. It was the audition for Beckett’s second shot of life in sports as a linebacker.

Scottie Pippen

That picture above is the kind of picture every college guy takes with his girlfriend when he gets too drunk before her formal. People who take mugshots normally look somber, annoyed, and essentially like someone who certainly doesn’t want to be there. Nope, not Scottie. The man took his mugshot to a new level by cheesing for the Houston PD.

Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf’s career can pretty much be summed up by his face here. Unfortunate to look at while simply leaving you with more questions than answers. He may be known as one of the biggest busts in the history of football, but he’ll also be known for having one of the most memorable mugshots of all-time.

That pretty much makes up for his horrific football career, right?

John Daly

It’s hard to describe what’s the best part of this picture. Is it the fact that he looks like he’s starring “The Great Pumpkin” in a Charlie Brown Halloween special? Is it the fact that his face is so smug like he’s bored doing this as if he’s been there before? Or is it the fact that he’s there because he passed out drunk in a Hooters? Either way, it’s a classic mugshot.

Mike Tyson

That’s not the best scenario in the world for Mr. Tyson. He’s clearly had some better moments, but to be fair, it might not be his worst. He even makes light of a bad situation by sticking his tongue out and clearly not looking at the camera. You can ask what in the world would possess him to make that face for his mugshot, but then there’s the whole “busted for possession of cocaine” thing that you need to remember.

Pat McAfee

McAfee is inches away from being the top spot because of how great the entire story is. The man was swimming around in a body of water, drunk as a skunk after burying an amount of tequila that would take Andre the Giant down. If that story and his million-mile blank stare aren’t enough to make this mugshot legendary, just include the fact that he is selling shirts with this picture on it for money.

That’s how you make the most out of a negative situation.

Desmond Bryant

McAfee is literally making money off of his mistake and he still doesn’t have the best one. That title clearly belongs to the king of the mugshot, Desmond Bryant. He is far from a household name and shouldn’t be known for anything other than this gem right here. He looks like a cousin of Sloth from “The Goonies” in that picture on the right. All in all, it’s the best there is.

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