Pack Your Bags For The Premier Inn: The Best Hotel For Airport Accomodation

Holiday excitement; nothing beats it: that pre-holiday warm-up where you’re grinning ear-to-ear, and not a single thing is going to dampen your spirits: ‘Two-hour delay at the airport? No dramas, we’re on holiday’.

The only predicament to going away is the question: ‘how we getting to the airport, then?’. It can be a pain when your excitement means sitting still is a challenge. If you’re coming from a distance/have an early flight, it’s best to check-in to a cheap accommodation nearby to make your whole travel experience that little bit smoother come the big day.

Sometimes, it’s still a mission from the hotel. You’ve got to jump in a shuttle bus, and then take a random train to reach the departure lounge; the whole process can be annoying as you endlessly check your pockets for the big three: phone, wallet and passport. Yes, they haven’t moved since the last time you checked them two minutes before – we all still do it.

However, if you’re checking into a Premier Inn or a Holiday Inn, then your whole transition from accommodation to the airport is likely to be a walk in the park – no wonder Lenny Henry always looks so chirpy. At an average of just 1.3 and 1.4 miles in the UK from each airport, you’re going to have the smoothest mode of travel from either hotel to the airport across the UK.

Not that you all needed a reason to fly from Stansted, but the airport that takes a day and an age to get to has the furthest hotel away from it.

The whole Stansted experience is just counter productive: buy a cheap airport ticket as people have little interest in flying from there, be charged an arm and a leg – who doesn’t love a British idiom – to get there, have a waiting lounge where there’s more activity in your nan’s living room.

Thank god for Ibis saving the day when it comes to Manchester and Liverpool, as well.

To be fair, though, regardless of the distance, it still doesn’t matter too much. Whether it’s business or pleasure, getting away and running from your usual routine of everyday life is always a great laugh, and a 30-minute maximum form of travel isn’t going to change that from the hotel.

When you then factor in cost on top of travel, it’s Premier Inn which trumps the rest in terms of pricing – Lenny Henry is 100% winning at life. The more ‘premium’ hotel of the Hilton is £30 more expensive, on average, for a one night stay, with Holiday Inn not far behind the priciest – despite Holiday Inn, on average, being the second closest to the UK’s airports.

So, based on both price and distance, Premier Inn is the best hotel to be if you’re looking to stay a night before your flight. Getting ready for any trip away is always exciting, and if you want to save your pennies for the trip abroad, or have the easiest travel journey – Premier Inn is your safest bet.

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