Funny Money: The Richest Comedians In The World

What’s the best type of laugh? The one back at school, where you and a friend are in class, knowing that if you make eye contact, you’ll both completely lose the plot and burst out like hyenas during the presentation the teacher is showing?

Or is it the laughs over something only you noticed, like seeing someone on their phone walking into a tree?

Maybe it’s the laugh-cum-groan when someone makes the ultimate dad joke?

Laughter – in whatever form – really is the best medicine.

And it’s why we live in a world where you can find Chris Rock annoying, with a voice that truly grates on you. But then love Peter Kay’s garlic bread gags, whilst also finding the cynicism of Ricky Gervais’ comedy endearing.

Live At The Apollo, a popular stand-up show in the United Kingdom and the United States, continues to offer a platform for aspiring comedians, comedians hoping to one day make such lists as ‘I have a net worth more than Jerry Seinfeld’s $920million’.

Yep, that’s the *Seinfeld*, the Seinfeld who gave us all the greatest theme show introduction music of all-time – it will never be topped.

Years of lucrative syndication have seen Jerry Seinfeld rise to the top of the rankings for the world’s richest comedians – and throw in a few guest speaker appearances and book deals, and perhaps his surprising appearance at the top of the list isn’t that surprising, after all.

But for any money-hungry comedians reading, then we’d seriously consider getting into the adult animation world – no, not ‘adult’ like that.

But there’s a reason why the Simpsons is in its 28th year of production, has 625 episodes behind it, totalling 29 seasons.

Matt Groening, the man behind the world of yellow, and Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the guys who gave us Cartman and South Park, are all worth a cool $500million.

America-based comedians, whether you find them funny or not, are laughing all the way to the bank – perish the thought of James Corden ever making this list.

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