Why Titanfall 3 Will be EA’s Next Blockbuster             

One of the top sleeper hits of 2017, Titanfall 2 saw the mech mayhem of the original perfected to a science – and the third sibling in the lineup is poised to become something massive for EA.

Where the first Titanfall only featured blurbs and snippets of a story that wove itself around the solar system-wide totalitarian grip of the Interstellar Mining Corporation, the second took the concept and tore a rift into a world where your best friend is a two-story, two-ton machine engineered for the sole purpose of terminating threats with extreme prejudice.

Ultimately, Titanfall 2 was a victim of timing. Perhaps it never drew the confidence that WA wanted to see in pre-orders, but the second installation in the Titanfall franchise could not have had a worse launch date.

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Dropping on shelves both virtual and physical only a week after EA’s own Battlefield 1, the mech-laden FPS was condemned to live in the shadow of its titan-like peer.

Fortunately for Respawn Entertainment, good design and fun gameplay stays the same regardless of when it’s being played. Despite not getting much of a moment to shine in the spotlight, Titanfall 2 continues to chug along with a committed fanbase on both PC and consoles. Oh, and that’s without mentioning that EA sealed the deal with Respawn by acquiring the developer for £350 million.

While we are half-temped to go into an outright panic at the prospect of respawn being shutdown by EA at some point down this darkest timeline, we are electing to look on the brighter side of things: chiefly that Titanfall 3 is going to be balls-to-the-wall insane. Let’s think about it for a moment: Respawn have already proven time and again that they can create top-notch and innovative experiences within the FPS genre. The acquisition was only a matter of time, and it’s clear that EA have big plans for them in the future.

EA may have struck gold in their decision to go back to World War 1 with their battlefield franchise, but any new installments in a futuristic FPS are going to have to do something much bigger than just slap a plastic “future” aesthetic on everything and call it good. Enter Titanfall 3. With a swollen marketing budget and a prime release date, Titanfall 3 could be exactly what both EA and Respawn need to set themselves apart from the pack come 2018.

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On the flipside of this marriage made in heaven is, of course, EA’s worrisome proclivity to axe any developer that doesn’t live up to their standards or becomes to tedious to manage. On one hand, EA are utterly within their right to conduct the operations of the studios they own as they see fit.

On the other, is the cutthroat public image that they’ve managed to cultivate for themselves. And with the most recent debacle over loot boxes, EA would be wise to avoid any major public drama for quite some time.

Ultimately, what we know so far spells good things for the folks over at Respawn – and long as they manage to keep pumping out the hits while avoiding the guillotine, we’re likely to have many more years of mech-piloting goodness ahead of us.

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