A-List Ghouls: Famous Faces Reveal their Paranormal Experiences

In the United States, 71% of people believe that they have experienced some form of paranormal phenomenon. This includes some well known individuals from the screen and music industry, who balance being ostracised with telling us of these encounters:

Peter Jackson’s Screaming Woman

The Director of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies explained a haunting encounter that he experienced during filming for The Fellowship of the Ring.

“One night I woke up and there was a figure in the room. She was really scary – her face was like a silent scream. She glided across the room and disappeared into the wall.”

– Peter Jackson

What makes this experience even more chilling, is that the following day, Jackson told his wife that he’d seen a figure in his room and she responded with: “Was it the woman with a screaming face?” without Jackson’s specific description of what he’d seen.

Megan Fox Room Service

Whilst in Mexico, Megan Fox claims that she experienced the paranormal one morning in a hotel room. Was this the ghost of a deceased room attendant?

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A post shared by Megan Fox (@the_native_tiger) on Jun 29, 2017 at 12:55pm PDT

“I’ve heard ghosts. I was just in Mexico at my hotel [. . .] and at 7 am — I had pre-ordered breakfast for 7:30 am — I heard them come in with the little table, I heard them pouring coffee and I thought ‘Ugh, I’m not going to get up for another 30 minutes and my coffee is going to be cold. That sucks.’

So I get up 30 minutes later, no coffee, no table, no nothing. I heard the doorbell ring, I answer the door, it’s room service with my food, they bring it in. I turn around and all the bedroom lights are on and I’m like, you know what, I’m delirious, I’ve been traveling, drink your coffee.

Brandy the nanny comes in later and she’s like, ‘Why did room service come in at 7 when we told them to come in at 7:30?’ So you can’t tell me I’m crazy because two people heard it.”

One explanation could be that room service arrived early, poured coffee, drank coffee and left. There has been no confirmation as to which hotel this occurred in, but if it took place in Baju California Sur, then we’d assume it was the Hotel Finnestera given that this hotel is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a maid.

Jessica Alba’s Sleep Paralysis…Or?

Jessica Alba recalls an experience from her childhood that sounds like sleep paralysis, a phenomenon with a scientific explanation that overwhelms people. It is the horrible scenario of having a sleeping body but completely awake mind, people who suffer sleep paralysis can be prisoners in their own body. Although sleep paralysis doesn’t cause the covers to come flying off of your bed!

“I had no idea what it was. I felt this pressure and I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t do anything. Something definitely took the covers off me and I definitely couldn’t get off the bed, and then, once I did, I screamed, ran to my parents’ room and I don’t think I spent many nights in that house ever again! There was definitely something in my parents’ old house — I don’t know what it was. I can’t really explain it. But they got it blessed and they burned sage and stuff since then.”

Many paranormal investigators believe that a ghost is capable of attaching itself to an individual, and it isn’t always the case that a specific location has to be haunted in these circumstances. So, the spirit present in Alba’s childhood encounter may not be attached to her parent’s old house, but in fact her, as this picture she posted years later suggests:

Keanu Reeves’ Tailor-made Tale

Actor Keanu Reeves revealed that as a child, he experienced a strange encounter with a jacket in his parent’s apartment in New York.

“All of a sudden we are looking at [the doorway] and this jacket comes waving through the doorway. Just an empty jacket, there’s no head, there’s no body, there’s no legs, it’s just there and then it disappears. And I was a little kid so I was like, ‘OK well that’s interesting.”

Reeves would experience something like this again when he was a bit older, this time in his parent’s New Jersey apartment.

“I remember just staring at this suit, which has no body or legs in it as it came into the room before disappearing. It was a double-breasted suit in white, and I looked at my nanny, who was just as shocked as me. I just couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards, and I still see the figure in my dreams and nightmares.”

Why would these individuals actively open themselves up for potential ridicule by sharing their paranormal stories? It isn’t like these people don’t have other means of getting attention. These high profile encounters shed light on what many of the public have themselves experienced, and begs the question: Does an increase in paranormal content within pop culture reflect an increased hunger for paranormal fiction, or is it an acknowledgement that accounts for a steady rise in our own collective experiences with the paranormal?

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