Up In The Air: Which Airline Gives You The Most Bang For Your Buck

Travel is something that many people take for granted and don’t do much of in their lifetime. While traveling can be an expensive endeavor, the memories and experiences you create while you do is something that doesn’t have a price tag.

Searching for the best priced airline can take a bit of trial and error but it’s not always about the money. Sometimes it’s about comfort and accommodations because what’s a cheap flight if you can’t recline?

According to data, Spirit Airlines is the cheapest way to fly by a mile, with American Airlines coming in at second. United and Delta follow closely after American, increasing by only .1 between each one.

Now that we know Spirit is the cheapest way to fly, what are you getting out of this flight? With Spirit you get a heavily reduced seat on the plane but you don’t get any carry-on’s or checked bags included with said seat. The seats themselves also do not recline and there is no in-flight entertainment.

The best time to travel using Spirit is for short trips only. 3 hour flights should be the maximum you spend on this airline because of the lack of comfort. It really is worth it for the price of the flight but if you need to pack more than a carry on, those extra prices add up and end up cancelling that out. So for a quick flight and less baggage, Spirit is the way to go.

All of the other three airlines allow you one personal item and one small bag to carry-on to the flight with no extra cost. This can definitely save you money if you are able to travel light and are efficient with your packing skills. They also all have a fee of $25 for one checked bag and $35 for the second checked bag.

These are decent prices, where Spirit can cost you $50 for your first checked bag and $55 for your carry-on. The possible extra $105 for just your baggage could add up to the flight price of one of these other airlines. With Delta being the most expensive of the four airlines, Spirit and Delta should be your last resorts with American Airlines and United being your travel companions.

A lot of the time picking the perfect airline for you comes down to preference, considering how these top three airlines have similar pricing when it comes to extra amenities. Many come with their own apps, credit cards, and rewards systems that make it worth it to use one over the other. Since we’ve broken down the pricing, hopefully you’ll be able to choose which one works for you by testing them out during your next vacation!

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