Greater Painglia: Delays, Delays, Delays

Whether it’s that the rain is too wet, the sun is too hot or the train tracks are, well, just too ‘train tracky’, Greater Anglia’s service doesn’t need much excuse to not be fit for purpose.

A source of constant frustration – which reaches that point of bewilderment, such is the incompetence of the service on offer – for the Chelmsford commuters, one of the biggest commuter cities into London, Greater Anglia needs to be publicly-shamed.

As is common practice in today’s society, the little people are dumped on – thankfully, we pretend that having a pigeon poo on us is good luck – whilst the big wigs in their ivory towers act like requests for ‘a seat’ or ‘rare delays’ are a request that is unreasonable.

But if you’re waiting on platform 1 at Chelmsford, for the 8:19, then not only will you 100% not a get a seat, you will be waiting for a long time; the 8:19 train is the most delayed Greater Anglia train, that stops off at Chelmsford during the Monday-Friday rush hour commute.

In total, on average, Greater Anglia’s trains, during the Chelmsford to London Liverpool Street rush hour of 6-10am, add up to 55 minutes each morning. Of course, commuters are only catching one train, however, for delays reaching almost 25% of a four-hour slot is hardly acceptable.

It’s at this point we feel it is our duty to point you in the direction of Greater Anglia’s ‘Delay Repay’ compensation procedure – although claims can only be made on delays of 30 minutes or more, so you know, you’ll probably be able to claim for, at least, 365 days of the year.

So, you’ve apologised to your boss for being late, for yet again, the trains being delayed – and this delay means you’ve had to stay later to make up for lost time.

You’ve finally left the office, but of course it’s still bedlam, because the rush hour period never seems to sleep in London. Thankfully, you’ve already paid your debts with the devil, for having the delayed and painful journey in from Chelmsford this morning.

And then you remember it’s Greater Anglia.

If you’re aiming for the 18:18 or 18:32 out of London Liverpool Street, then we’d fully advise just heading directly to Hamilton Hall for a couple.

Those two train services are the most delayed ones during the Monday-Friday rush hour of 16:00-20:00, with both being late for an average total of 21 hours and 45 minutes over the course of a whole year.

But, hey, what’s 21 hours and 45 minutes when you consider that Greater Anglia’s rush hour service is delayed, on average, for a total of 330 hours and 36 minutes during the course of a whole year – to put that into perspective, you could drive from Cornwall to Glasgow, and back again, a total of 20 times.

Later Anglia – forever delayed.


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