The Most Popular Baby Names in Each State

Feeling that ol’ yearn to procreate kicking in but you just can’t decide what moniker to go with for your spawn? Fret not. CLICKON has your back.

Possibly only second to “what are we having for dinner?”, the question of “what are you naming your baby” is one that refuses to relent within our wonderfully modern society. Short of finding out what sex the child is, its subsequent naming one of the greatest joys a soon-to-be-parent can experience. After all, what could say more about a person than their name?

Understandably, young parents place a vast amount of research and care into naming their child, which is why CLICKON’s ground team has been pounding the pavement across the US to find out what the most popular baby names for your newly arrived to bear.


Let’s get one thing out of the way here: there will always be folks who want their precious little bag of flesh to be “unique” and will opt for some ungodly concoction of a conjunction to ensure their child a lifetime of ridicule. It’s with a relieved sigh, then, that we can say the most popular names for male infants remain traditional. It looks like America still has a penchant for their Williams, Liams, and Olivers.

An interesting bit of data when one considers the massive cultural influence of all of America’s myriad of immigrants. We’d assume that the massive cultural influences would have permeated the way folks go about naming their kids, but it seems that an Anglo influence still dominates.


Opting for even less letters per name that the boys, it appears that Ava, Mia, and Emma take the top three when it comes to girl’s names. And honestly, we’re okay with that. We can’t speak to the future character of these newborns, but something tells us that a baby girl named Ava would just have the most adorable cheeks how do you not want to just pinch ‘em oh gosh. Ahem. Moving on.


As with the male dataset, we’d expected to see a bit more variance of cultural backgrounds across the top-ranking monikers, but it seems that the British and European influence still maintains a stranglehold on American culture. What remains fascinating, however, is the thought of how these rankings will shift and morph over the coming years.

We’ve seen time and again that trends will erupt like wildfire prompting a massive global craze, and we’ve certainly not run out of our fair share of those. Yes, the wheel continues to turn and the next in line may very well find themselves sporting the name of their parent’s favorite clothing brand – isn’t that right, Abercrombie?

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