Flying High: The Top 5 Eagles Touchdown Celebrations

No one has been taking more advantage of the relaxed celebration rules than the Philadelphia Eagles and frankly, the NFL needs it. Ever since the anthem protests, viewership has dipped significantly for one of America’s favorite sports but thanks to this team, fans have something to look forward to each week.

The Eagles have every reason to celebrate, as they’re scoring more than anyone in the league (32 PPG), are third in the NFL with 22 takeaways and have a league-best 10-1 record. Even if you’re not a Philly fan, you have to appreciate the excitement that the team exudes every time they make a dope play or break out into the electric slide in the end zone. And they say they don’t practice these either!!

Just this season alone, the Eagles have provided viewers with an array of celebration dances but these five take the cake:

Bowling Strike

What makes this even better is that it was Alshon Jeffrey who made the catch against his former team, the Chicago Bears. He rolled the strike and Carson Wentz’s backwards somersault was the cherry on top. Too good.

Electric Slide

Not only do we now know how they decided to do the electric slide, but they did it twice just for funsies. Obviously they have reason to be happy but the smiles on these guys faces are just contagious.

Team Photo

Why dance when you can bask in your greatness?

After Zach Ertz scored against the Bears, the offense posed for a photo op as their touchdown celebration. Everyone in that pic needs to frame that and hang it in their houses forever.

Bank Robbery

After Kenjon Barner pushed through to the end zone against the Dallas Cowboys, he knelt down, opened the vault, and started handing his teammates stolen cash. Then they proceeded to make it rain. Hey, sharing is caring.

Charging The Mound

Home run shots may have got the Eagles victory dances started, but this charging the mound simulation shook things up against the 49ers. Also, love Alshon dapping up one of the fans before he celebrated. Way to involve the ones who let you do what you do.

It’s hard not to like the Eagles this season and if you don’t like them you’re probably just a sore loser. The NFL should be on their knees thanking this Philly team for the excitement they’ve brought to this season and by the end of it, they probably will be.

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