Red, Yellow Or Blue: Settling The Ultimate Pokemon Debate

There’s not a millennial out there who doesn’t still want to be the “very best, like no one ever was”, with the nostalgic love affair with Pokemon still burning brightly.

With the excitement over the release of Pokemon Go, and the newest additions to the game in ‘Ultra Sun’ and ‘Ultra Moon’, the never-ending quest to ‘catch ’em all!’ doesn’t look feasible.

But for every new starter Pokemon, and console launched, the affiliation with the original games, the original starters and the original crew of Ash, Misty and Brock remains.

The long-standing debate amongst millennials, though, over whether Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow takes the crown as the best ever rumbles on. It may well seem trivial, seeing as the only difference in Blue and Red being a handful of Pokemon that only appear in one or the other – we really should be peed off at Game Freak for forcing us to buy both games and a link cable to complete our Pokedex, through no reason but monetary greed, but, bizarrely, they’ve always avoided criticism for that, such is the love for the Squirtle, Charmander, Ivysaur and Pikachu.

Yellow, on the other hand, feels like a world apart from Red and Blue, but again, it’s the same game mode, minus the fact you have to start with Pikachu and that your electric friend follows you around.

But does that addition – one that doesn’t effect the actual story or gameplay in too much of a radical way – give Pokemon Yellow the master ball?

Important to note that the above infographic discounted any eBay sales within the timeframe that sold the game cartridge with the box, too – naturally, those are more desirable and go for significantly more.

For those of you interested, as with the total sales, it’s hard to split the holy trinity of Pokemon games, with Yellow selling seven boxed games for £232.98, with four people purchasing Pokemon Red boxed for a total of £119.98 and six boxed Blues going for a combined total of £189.23.

Like deciding your six mainstay Pokemon, that you’ll carry with you on your quest, it’s just too hard to separate and, definitely say, which one is your favourite or even the most popular.

All we can safely say is, that in 20 years time, the Gameboy games Pokemon Red, Yellow and Blue will still be in high demand.

Pokemon really has stood the test of time.

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