How Composer Cloud is Revolutionizing Virtual Instruments

EastWest has long been a name associated with quality audio plugins for many major DAWS – but their Composer Cloud is shaking up the entire industry.

Do you dream of producing film scores? Or perhaps you fancy yourself a digital musician who’s on the hunt for that next batch of incredible samples. Well, friend, look no further than the bundle of joy that music industry veterans EastWest have prepared for you.

For many years, the standard in virtual instruments has been a single-purchase option that would grant customers license access to a developer’s plugin. Like most software of yore, the buy-in price for such a package was often steep, and would effectively block-off large percentage of would-be producers and musicians from ever getting their hands on industry-standard samples. Until now.

With Composer Cloud, EastWest is intelligently positioning itself to mirror the antics of Adobe – and the massive success they saw in their turn toward a service-based structure. Now, with one flat membership fee, you can get access to EastWest’s entire plugin library.

Everything from flutes, woodwinds, and cellos to echoing bass drums and world-class pianos all rolled in to one tight package. Thousands of instruments, recorded with best-in-class microphones, all in one convenient package.

Installation couldn’t be simpler. Simply install the EastWest Installation Center and select whatever instrument you want. After installation, boot it up in your favorite DAW or right on your desktop and listen to the beautifully diverse and insanely crisp renderings inspire you to create works you’ve never been capable of before.

The only qualm we can find with EastWest’s package is that the file sizes are so massive, they could cause you to run into some issues with your internet provider. If you’re one of those folks that find themselves under a restrictive data cap, you might want to manage your downloads as installing the entire catalog might leave you well over you data cap  – and that’s without evening mentioning the storage restrictions.

Should you find yourself downloading the entire EastWest catalog in one go, you’d better be prepared with the adequate space. Nabbing all of the instruments will put you very close to the one Terabyte range, and we’d wholeheartedly recommend a dedicated drive to house your audio arsenal.

Even with only selecting a few of the instruments from the lineup, users are bound to see the quality of their productions skyrocket. Want to turn a mediocre indie film score into something worth talking about at the festival? Want to make that crowd lose their minds over the crispest chord progression you can wrangle from out of the ether? Whatever your beat-laden desires are, get EastWest in your life and take it to the next level.

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