Udemy: How To Never Stop Learning

The face of education is changing rapidly. With the onset of the internet and on-demand video, anyone can become a teacher in their field of expertise. And one company is riding our desire for curiosity to the top: Udemy.

Founded in 2009, Udemy has had a singular goal since its inception: to help people all over the world learn what they want to. The website functions as an always-online, always-available video and course streaming service that lets users purchase course on anything from coding to sewing.

Once you’ve dropped yourself into a course of your choosing, all the video lectures, quizzes, PDFs, and any other course materials are available to you wherever you are – including on your phone through a dedicated mobile app.

“But wait!” We here you say: “If anyone can be an instructor, doesn’t that mean the quality of the courses is all over the place?” You’d assume so, but no. Udemy has proven themselves to be a leader in the field of digital self-education in ways that ensure they stand apart form the pack.

First and foremost is their quality control team. While the student community does a fairly good job of rating the courses and holding the instructors accountable, Udemy provides a knock-out service in ensuring that only the best of the best courses make it onto their platform.

Even with killer content and incredibly easy accessibility, Udemy’s saving grace is something else: their prices. The platform runs sales so often that they seem perpetual – and the courses that you can snag for only a tenner are criminal. Have you wanted to pick up coding but never had the time or money to devote to a traditional university? Then fire up your laptop in your favorite local coffeeshop and learn at your own pace, whenever you want.

While courses are primarily video based, all have the possibility for the course creator to add supplemental documents that can offer the student an even more in-depth analysis over their chosen subject. All this couples with a printable certificate you receive upon completion of the course. It’s far from an accredited university, but never a bad thing to have should you interview under someone who values decorations and laurels in their employees.

The freedom offered through such a way of studying should not be understated. If you’re one of those type of folk that is always looking for a way to improve themselves, look no further than the massive digital classrooms Udemy offers. The company has proven that it remains utmost committed to providing its customers with the best in educational content, and should they continue their course, they may one day grow to rival the power and influence of traditional institutions.

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