Hollywood Heavyweights: Angelina Jolie Knows How To Play The System

Owning that red carpet is every actor or actresses big dream but it isn’t easy – just ask perennial film failure, Adam Sandler.

That being said, such is the quantity of films released, and directors and producers inability to think outside the box and source someone new, our movie screens are often filled with the usual cycle of Hollywood heavyweights.

But that’s not to say that some aren’t worthy of regular acclaim, and three consistent faces on our screens for the last decade or so – and arguably three of the biggest names in the red carpet circuit – are Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie.

But if your Steven Spielbergs and James Camerons of this world are looking to make sure they ‘make bank, bro’ then who should be cast as their female lead?

Of course, Brad Pitt’s two former lovers, Aniston and Jolie, are veterans of the course, with Jennifer Lawrence’s first film to make genuine ‘box office takings’ not coming until 2008. Therefore, in the interest of fairness, that is where we shall start the data point from.

Within the above data, Jennifer’s Aniston’s film ‘Management’ had no registered budget – but with a poultry box office of $2.4million, it’s probably not listed due to the embarrassment of the loss.

But Jen is not alone in her flops, with Lawrence’s ‘A Beautiful Planet’ seeming to have no internet recollection the film’s budget – although $17.8million in box office is somewhat more respectable.

And the thorn in Angelina Jolie’s side is ‘By The Sea’ a film written and produced by her, and here’s the kicker, not only does Jolie play the lead actress, the main man opposite her is Brad Pitt – no wonder, after a box office flop of $3.3million, the pair split up less than a year later.

Overall, though, it’s already looking pretty bleak for Jennifer Aniston – no, you were the one who suggested that Aniston has lived of off being Rachel Green in Friends, for years ?!

It’s unfair to tarnish Aniston as the least-talented one of the trio…yet. As in the timeframe researched – 2008-2016 – Aniston made 17 films, Lawrence 18 (including four Hunger Games) and Jolie made just the nine (and three of those are were voiceovers in the Kung Fu Panda trilogy).

Ahh, sorry Jen, even if you look at average budget and box office takings, it’s still pretty bleak viewing for you – don’t worry, though, you’ll always be Rachel Green to us, and that’s not a bad thing.

So, Spielberg and Cameron, if Angelina Jolie is interested in your film, it’s because she knows it’s a natural money-maker – just don’t let her have any say in the script!

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