A Definitive Ranking Of Every Celebrations Chocolate

We’ve finally made our peace with the Celebrations chocolate corporation for removing the Galaxy Truffle chocolate.

It took some time, and counselling, but the fact the very definition of a Christmas chocolate was taken away from us, and no longer exists, doesn’t leave us with the same hollow feeling like it used it.

Honestly, we are over it.

Ever since the Galaxy Trexit, the top spot for best chocolate in a Celebrations box – or tub if you’re so lucky – has been vacant; an almost unfillable void.

But it’s time to move on; it’s to anoint the next in line, and heir to the Galaxy Truffle throne.

8th – Mars

It’s had a good run, and maybe a few years back, a Mars bar would’ve found itself in the top five. However, it has got complacent, failed to adapt and move with the times; far too bland.

7th – Bounty

Gets a tough time of it, regularly at the bottom of such rankings. However, although second bottom, here, it does offer a welcome change from time to time – just a shame for the coconut-flavoured treat those moments don’t come along too often.

6th – Galaxy

Classic case of a playground bully finally getting put in their place; viewed as a Kingpin in the chocolate world, with its velvety texture and sensual television adverts but the little guys have finally had their uprising – also, there’s no need for two Galaxy-based chocolates in the Celebrations.

5th – Snickers

A valued stalwart of the confectionary world. However, doesn’t deserve high acclaim or scathing criticism.

4th – Milky Way

Controversial? Yes. Deserving? Absolutely.

3rd – Galaxy Caramel

For all the flaws of it’s sibling, Galaxy, the addition of caramel will always be a game changer to anything; well deserved third place finish.

2nd – Malteasers

In everyone’s top three. And the chocolate that will cause family rifts at Christmas as four members reach for the last one at the same time.

1st – Twix

Underrated and undervalued; one of those rare chocolates that felt like a treat in a packed lunch at school, whilst also feeling like a worthy purchase as an adult when wanting a sweet treat.

Suggested Additions


Turkish Delight

Often cast aside by most, and used as a holiday present from your family member who went to Turkey, but the Turkish Delight is so much more than that.

None of this no chocolate coating, and laced in sweet dust; go for that pink jelly, with the delicate chocolate outer shell.

Make it happen.


You always reach that point where you can’t binge on milk chocolate anymore, but your heart isn’t ready to give up on chocolate, just yet.

Bringing in the dark chocolate heaven will act as a form of palette cleanser, with the darker flavours getting you ready to dive back into the milk chocolate bundle.

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