Scrooge’s Nightmare: The Most Expensive Advent Calendars

December is here, it’s now officially acceptable to play Christmas music; dust off your Michael Buble CD’s – not that anyone has CDs anymore – the singer is coming out of his annual hibernation as we settle in for three to four weeks of predictable conversation amongst the British public:

“So, when are you putting the tree up?”

“How many you got coming around for the big day?”

“When’s your Christmas party?”

“I still don’t feel that Christmasy yet.”

“Favourite Christmas film, go…”

The general ‘chit-chat one-liner’ list around this time of the year is as long as Prince Harry’s thank you responses to the British public congratulating him on the engagement with Meghan Markle – tough life for our royals.

Amongst the rhetoric that rings around our conversation in December is the constant referral to advent calendars. Shame on you if you’ve grown out of them, any excuse for chocolate is an opportunity not to miss.

And, if it’s not the chocolate, it’s the pure comedy gold that some of the doors have the potential to deliver; Christmas jokes definitely didn’t disappoint last year:

“How will Christmas dinner be different after Brexit? No Brussels.”

However, away from gimmicky political/Christmas jokes, the biggest joke this year has to be the prices of some of the advent calendars you can get your hands on; if you think a ballpark of 20-pound for a Lindt calendar is excessive, then think again with some of these.

Yes, that is £10,000 for an advent calendar; hey, at least you can numb the pain with 24 different whiskeys each morning.

The most expensive chocolate based advent calendar comes in at No.10 for the priciest available calendars in the UK – a £125 Fortnum and Masons luxury wooden decorated chocolate set at a grand height of 45cm; who needs doll houses for Christmas anymore?

Kudos to anyone who purchased any of the top 10, we’re sure it makes for a lot more exciting morning than the opening of a robin shaped dairy milk.

‘Happy adventing’.



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