Baby Boom: The Fastest Growing Populations In Europe

Current estimates of the Earth’s population are 7.6billion – that would make one hell of a busy WhatsApp group – with predictions suggesting that by the time the 2100 new year kicks in, that number will be an unfathomable 11.2billion.

With the Earth’s size not increasing, we continue to come up with new ways to ‘reinvent the wheel’, with companies like Amazon now selling ‘tiny houses’ – and pretending they’re in some way cool, and that people are happy with one-fifth of a normal-sized house.

But the brutal reality is, they’re going to have to be, unless we are all going to live in skyscrapers?

And that’s bad news for anyone who suffers from vertigo and lives in Luxembourg, with the country that has the 42nd smallest population in Europe, currently the fastest growing European population – but still a good 350,000 or so short of one million.

It’s no surprise to see the population of Ireland increasing, and this time next year, it wouldn’t be ridiculous to suggest that the Irish will be top of the pile, as many Brits dig into their family trees for some Irish heritage, as fears of Brexit become a closer and scarier reality.

Not to worry, though, if you’re a resident in one of the above 10 countries who loves nothing more than your own company and a bit of personal space, we’d highly suggest upping sticks and moving to somewhere like Latvia or Lithuania.

Latvia has seen it’s population decrease by 1.07%, which may not feel like a lot, however, that is roughly 20,000 people – that’s a lot of people to lose.

In terms of male to female population breakdowns, Europe is pretty much at a 50:50 split, which is no surprise to hear, given the westernised culture of many European countries. However, if you were looking for a bit more female company, we’d recommend – alongside Latvia again – one of Russia, Lithuania or Ukraine.

But if you’re looking to surround yourself with lots of Adams rather than Eves, Andorra is the place for you.

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