Harold’s Deli Dishing Out Delicious Dinosaur Sized Meals

For those of you who absolutely adore eating, Harold’s Deli is serving up just what you need to fill that bottomless pit you call your stomatch. This deli, located in Edison New Jersey, cooks up some serious chow, seriously enormous chow that is.

Unsuspecting customers should prepare themselves to face some degree shock and confusion when first navigating Harold’s extensive menu. A bowl of Matzoh ball soup costs $21 at minimum, sandwiches can cost up to as much as $60, and don’t even look at the meat platters unless you’re both a big spender and a big eater.

However, when your meal arrives, you’ll likely feel that the prices seem justified. The $21 bowl of soup houses a 60oz Matzoh ball. It looks a bit smaller than a volley ball, way more than enough to share with a couple of friends. Meat platters come by the pound, and a side of bacon is no laughing matter.

The deli doesn’t only serve up dinner items. Along with the $10 order of bacon, customers can enjoy pancakes the size of dinner plates, 33oz egg creams and milkshakes, absolutely massive slices of cheese cake, and what is apparently the world’s largest pickle bar.

Harold’s large dining space and massive portions make it a great choice for large group outings. Family, friends, and clients alike will enjoy the novel experience and quality foods.

Expect to take home major amounts of leftovers, especially when you go for the first time.

Not only does Harold’s deli feed your stomach, it feeds your mind as well. The napkins at Harold’s all impart some useful knowledge on their users. Each napkin presents a list of terms often used by Jewish individuals. These terms, such as “schlep” are then defined in plain English so that non-Jewish customers may better understand some of the colloquialisms used by their Jewish counterparts.

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