What Flynn’s Admittance Means for Trump

Another major shoe has dropped in the Trump – Russia investigation – and this time it’s regarding the one man Trump tried so hard to defend: Michael Flynn.

If the state of American politics has been too much for you to handle over the past year or so, we understand completely. The ups, downs, subterfuge and revelations over the last twelve months has surpassed the multi-season story arcs of any dramatic television series out there, and the sensation that things are building to a fever pitch cannot be denied.

Now even more so, with news that Former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Michael Flynn has plead guilty to lying to FBI agents.

If you need a moment to re-read that last sentence, go ahead. That’s right, the man that Trump spent so long and defending as a “good guy” has turned tail on the administration and is reportedly fully cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team. This development comes following the indictments of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates with charges such as conspiracy to launder money and conspiracy against the United States.

The temperature has been dialed up to the maximum, and we are now entering the period of pressure. With Flynn directly cooperating with Mueller, there’s no telling what sort of information the former General will turn over – and it’s going to prove increasingly difficult for the White House to distance themselves from the man that they spent so much time publicly fawning over.

Perhaps they know this, as the White House has canceled all media events for the day and Trump’s Twitter account has encountered a rare spell of inactivity. It’s hard to gauge just how massive of a blow this will turn into for the sitting administration, but thus far Mueller and his team of prosecutors have been very precise in the timing of their announcement – it should come as no shock that this could be setting up something much larger.

Despite the efforts to leave the Russia Collusion storyline behind, reminders such as Flynn’s admittance of guilt continually drive the point home that this is not normal, and that we should all pay attention to what’s happening. While American politics are far from the most important thing on the planet, the current climate seems suspiciously like a portent of what happens when money buys all the influence in the world.

As it stands, we’re unlikely to see any new developments regarding the story following the weekend – hardly a coincidence. Come Monday, there may very well be additional information released to the public by Mueller and his team. The fine details of all that’s transpiring is understandably still under wraps, but we can’t shake the feeling that something huge is coming our way.

Whether good or bad, we can all only wait and see.

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