Trump The Twitter President: Open Book Or Spin Master?

During the Presidential Election, Donald Trump conceded that if he were to be successful, he would frequent the social media site less intensely. This was presumably because the job he was applying for was the most important one in America, and there might not be time to share an internal dialogue with the electorate once he got into office.

Since defeating the Clinton campaign, POTUS has been tweeting less often, but the position he is now in has not deterred the somewhat aggressive, hypercritical tone that Trump usually takes. Between endorsing Fox, slandering CNN and assuring people that he is draining the swamp by deregulating Wall Street, we look into Trump’s Twitter metrics and some key figures to highlight that we are probably living in a universe set within an episode of Charlie Brooker’s hauntingly Dystopian series Black Mirror.

These figures highlight that Trump used the platform as a powerful tool during the election campaign to a degree that we doubt has been seen elsewhere during global elections. Beyond beliefs and narratives to win over the electorate, the effective use of Twitter by Trump could have been the difference between winning and losing the election campaign. The weight of campaign funding was overruled for the first time in American history. The Clinton campaign spent a whopping $1.4 billion dollars against Trump’s $957.6 million and this is the first time in which the candidate that spent less money on the campaign trail has won the Presidency.

What initially made Trump a bit different to the American electorate was the fact that he wasn’t a candidate from the same old political circles that have rightly caused distrust amongst the people. Hundreds of thousands of people probably saw the anti-establishment tweets during the campaign and believed Trump would stick up for their interests in office. But the writing was on the feed from the start, and this seemingly genuine source of anger and mistrust that chimed with people was far more calculated than some may believe.

There is a team of people behind Donald Trump’s Twitter account. This is evidenced by the use of both an Android phone and an iPhone on the account. Language analysis conducted by Data Scientist David Robson reveals that the use of more negative language without the use of hashtags came from the Android (Likely Trump’s personal phone), whereas the more neutral language that used hashtags came from the iPhone (Likely Trump staff phone).

Other studies found that it was the Android phone, so personal Trump, who retweeted white supremacy and Islamophobic content. The use of several people on Trump’s personal account doesn’t put him in a good light regarding transparency; this isn’t even the official POTUS handle, this strategy might have been a bit more understandable on an account that represents the White House.

Since taking office, Trump and his team have mainly tried to convince his huge Twitter following that deregulating Wall Street will make you richer. Pull the other one Donny! What’s good for those who stand on the floors of the stock exchange has little correlation with how a a full-time worker can provide for their family.

There were also the recent Britain First retweets that came from the Android phone, that showed three videos without context that assumed the heinous crimes in the videos were conducted by Muslims. It was an attempt to associate one billion individuals on this planet with acts of violence. In the UK, the Britain First Party is an absolute embarrassment; their following is microscopic and share a single synapse between them. This again, was an off the cuff personal Trump tweet that shows the man for what he is.

It’s hard to draw a conclusion, but to try and answer the question posed in this article’s title, is the Trump Twitter handle an Open Book or a Spin Masterclass? The answer has to be both. Trump’s personal android serves as an open book in that it highlights his personal beliefs that lean towards peacocking and discrimination. Whereas the iPhone use on the account is the atypical, down the middle spin that we’ve grown to despise within the political system.

The disenfranchised American bought the alternative, but as time goes one and bills with Trump’s seal of approval are introduced, some must wonder whether “Not Hillary” was a good enough reason to vote for @TrumpAndAnonymousiPhoneTeam. Is Vladamir a fan of Apple products by any chance?

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