Fortnite: The Most Popular Weapon Has Been Revealed

Fornite Battle Royale has proved to be so popular, that every time gamers load up the game, there’s that genuine worry that it will longer be free to play.

The colourful last man standing game is the latest in a recent spurt of PvP games that are being launched across PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the real catalyst for this movement, with Call Of Duty also getting involved in the action, and releasing a Battle Royale mode soon, too.

The beauty in Fortnite is its, for want of a better word, innocence – sure, there’s weapons and far-from-gruesome killings – but the colour scheme, the flying bus that drops you into the map and the graphics are a fallback to your childhood nostalgia.

Epic Games’ greatest move for success with Fortnite, may only seem simple, but it’s a huge one: gamers aren’t viewed as cash cows.

Like most games, nowadays, there’s a store to upgrade on things like gliders and outfits. However, there’s a very clear message displayed, telling users that any of these purchases are purely cosmetic, and will have no benefit in actual gameplay.

Furthermore, all there is an option to purchase campaign packages for the second game mode, again, it has been made clear to gamers that Fortnite’s co-op campaign will, at some point, be made free to play in 2018. However, if you just can’t wait, then we don’t blame you wanting to get a head start on the competition.

Along with being a rare game that doesn’t reward gamers for spending money, rather than having actual talent, Fortnite also allows for all gamers, no matter what their skill set, to thrive.

Whether you want to hide it out, make the top 10 and then wait for your moment to strike on the top dog or whether you’re more of a gung-ho gamer who will reach the final 25 with double figures in kills, you have the chance to win.

But whatever your approach, your choice of weapon – or more importantly, the weapons you frantically hope get revealed in a chest – says a lot about you.

Of course, all Fortnite players dream of landing upon a legendary SCAR, with its lack of recoil, ridiculous damage and large magazines.

And it’s no surprise to see the recent addition to the Playstation 4 version, the silenced SMG, make the list of the most tweeted about guns.

However, the revolver breaking into the top five, and above the destructive rocket launcher, is surprising, considering its one-shot reload makes it similar to a sniper, and useless is close combat battles (which is the only time you’d ever want to use it!).

But for every SCAR you encounter, you’ll almost definitely walk past – and leave – 10 or so tactical shotguns – they’re more common than Metapods in Viridian Forest on Pokemon Red. However, it’s a classic case of you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone, and when Fortnite players are holding nothing but 15 bandages, a fly-zapper and a revolver, then ask them how much they enjoy a tactical shotgun!

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