Wallet Enhancers: The FPL’s 10 Biggest ‘Price Risers’

Whisper is quietly, but there are fans out there who would rather the team they supported, suffered, in order for their fantasy football team to prosper.

Over five million people currently play the official Premier League website fantasy footy, and that’s not considering the many other variations out there.

And whether you’re playing in a league that doesn’t allow entrants to select any players from the top six or a league that deems the winner the player with the least amount of points BUT with the stipulation that they must have spent all of their transfer budget, fantasy football matters; it’s bragging rights in the WhatsApp group.

There are many challenges within the ultimate competition, but one of the most interesting things the Premier League fantasy competition awards, is the player whose team ends up being worth the most come the end of the season.

So, if you were wise enough to grab these 10 players before a ball was even kicked, and still have them floating around your matchday squad, give yourself a pat on the back.

Ben Mee – Burnley

Price rise: £0.3m 

New value: £4.8m

Can a fantasy football team even exist without at least one Burnley defender?

Andrew Surman – Bournemouth

Price rise: £0.3m 

New value: £4.8m

Only 8.5% of fantasy football teams have cottoned onto the fact that the Cherries midfielder is the ideal, cheap option when going for that bench boost.

Abdoulaye Doucouré – Watford

Price rise: £0.5m 

New value: £5.4m

Get him in your teams now, before it’s too late.

Tammy Abraham – Swansea City

Price rise: £0.4m 

New value: £5.9m

What goes up, must come down.

There’s a very real chance that the Swans striker won’t score again this season.

Cesar Azpilicueta – Chelsea

Price rise: £0.4m 

New value: £6.9m

Amazing that, after performing so consistently for Chelsea for five years, the Spaniard’s transfer value can still increase, such is the level of his performances.

But spending just shy of £7million on a defender is going to take a serious chat with the board.

Pascal Groß – Brighton & Hove Albion

Price rise: £0.5m 

New value: £6.0m

Whenever an unknown quantity joins the Premier League, they’re instantly written off – because if Dave down the pub hasn’t heard of him, then he’s obviously going to be useless.

For those of you keen watchers of German football, though, you will have already made a cool £500,000 profit on Groß.

Richarlison – Watford

Price rise: £0.6m 

New value: £6.6m

The Brazilian is well on his way to becoming Young Player of the Season, as Marco Silva continues to show why Everton are pretending to be happy with Sam Allardyce.

With five goals and five assists from 15 games, Richarlison will feel like a steal until you’ve got to spend £8million or so on him.

Stephen Ward – Burnley

Price rise: £0.6m 

New value: £5.1m

If you could select more than three players in a squad, the fantasy football world would be a defensive line solidly of the boys from Turf Moor.

Ward, though, is now flirting with that price range that is perhaps a bit *too* much for a defender, especially considering the lack of assists the full-back offers in comparison to others in the league.

Alvaro Morata – Chelsea

Price rise: £0.8m 

New value: £10.8m

It’s not often the Premier League’s fantasy football computer throws you up a real steal, but Morata, a player who had impressed at Real Madrid despite limited opportunities, and was wanted by Manchester United, being nearly £3million cheaper than Harry Kane was too good to be true.

Now at almost a £11million, the Spanish international still represents a shrewder piece of fantasy business than England’s talisman.

Mohamed Salah – Liverpool

Price rise: £0.9m 

New value: £9.9m

Top of the pile is no surprise, it’s the Premier League’s top goalscorer, and Anfield’s new golden boy, Salah.

Upon thriving at Roma, after struggling to make any impact at Chelsea, the ignorant football fans thought it just proved that the Serie A was a much weaker league than the top flight of English football. However, Salah, a perfect fit for Jurgen Klopp’s fluid, creative and all-out-attacking formation, has been a star points-getter virtually every week for the 53.9% of fantasy teams the Egyptian has been selected for – honestly, who are the 46.1% who don’t have him? Evertonians?

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