The Top 5 Coffee Drinks You Should Be Slurping Down

Coffee makes the world go ‘round. But have you ever questioned if there might be a superior drink than your usual? For that, CLICKON has you covered.

What would we be if not for our morning coffee? Sure, there are plenty of folk that swear by their tea and… hot chocolate, but we coffee drinkers know better.

There’s nothing like the infusion of vitality that a good kick in the adrenal glands can give you, and while the shakes are still a testament of the inexperienced, a good dose can ensure that your work and productivity skyrocket throughout the entire day.

With all of us caffeine-craving goons roving about for our next fix, it begs the question: what are the most popular caffeinated drinks? Well, to that end we’ve subjected our bodies to every ounce of caffeinated liquid that they could take to come up with our top 5 caffeinated drinks:

Death Wish Coffee

With a name like Death Wish and coming in at 651 Milligrams per 12 fluid ounces, it’s no surprise that this Saratoga Springs-based coffee stands a perky head and shoulders above the rest.

If you’ve never treated yourself to a cup of Death Wish, you need to slap yourself and get yourself a bag this instant. The brew not only ranks as the highest caffeinated cup, it also goes down as one of the smoothest – a far cry from the acrid tastes that plague many punchy blends.


It’s to no shock that what is arguably the world’s most popular coffee is also the second-most caffeinated – if it didn’t do the job it advertised it would hardly be so infectious, now wouldn’t it?

Yes, a “Venti” cup of Starbuck’s traditional brew will not only help you get a leg up on the day but also give you a sweet reminder of the simplicity that made the Seattle-based company a household name.

Dunkin’ Donuts

The world might not run on Dunkin’, but it appears that America certainly does. Coming in third with 395 milligrams of caffeine per 20 fluid ounces, Dunkin’ Donuts’ large coffee with a turbo shot gets the job done for millions of people each day.

While you won’t find much in the way of taste or aroma here, you will find some of the purest fuel toward your most industrial self.

Shock Coffee

Although many might not know the name of Shock, they’ll certainly know its effects. Billed as the strongest caffeinated all-natural coffee, they may very well live up to that claim.

Clocking in at 231 milligrams of caffeine per 8 fluid ounces, Shock Coffee’s triple latte stands as the most efficient way to slam down your oh-so-desperate-for-it quantities of caffeine.

Bigbby Red Eye

Although Bigbby Red Eye might sound like an off-brand name, their coffee is anything but.

Ranking at 274 milligrams per 16 fluid ounces, Bigbby Red Eye’s brewed coffee with one espresso shot sits comfortably at the bottom of our list – beating out several name brands to claim the last spot. With a feat like that, it’s a no-brainer as a must-try.

The next time you find yourself itching for your fix, consider breaking away from the routine and opting for another choice. Though, we must warn you: you may just develop an even worse caffeine addiction when it comes to Death Wish – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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